11 Tips for memorizing things / learning things off !!!!

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11 Ways to help you memorizethings or learn things off by heart 1 : Use accents to help you learn off things 2 : Write them out over and over and over 3 : Put a song of the things you need to learn on your ipod 4 : Make a ridiculous song out of the things you want to memorize 5 : Make sure you computers off and use bullet points 6 : Use abbreviation 7 : Use sticky notes put them everywhere 8 : Listen to music if it helps but if it doesnt make sure you are in a quite enviroment to study 9 : Put a mirror in your pocket so people can see themselves in you pants 10 : Relate the things you are trying to learn off to crazy and ridiculous things 11 : Make the learning things sexually inappropriate ;]

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