211 Improve Your Memory & Spelling Test Performance

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Learn how to improve your memory and your performance on spelling tests. Developing your memory skills is like exercising a muscle. Use it or lose it.

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19 Responses to “211 Improve Your Memory & Spelling Test Performance”

  1. Filmore87458 says:

    Another great little video, Robert. What is that great sax music it starts and ends with. I’d be most interested if you could give me some info about that. Then I could look it up on iTunes and buy it.

  2. nuclearwinterfalls says:

    dude your smart so to imporve my memory i should learn like random things like a cat can make up to 1,000 sounds but a dog can only make 10 sounds

  3. ProjectMNow says:

    Why are you alone in your pictures?

  4. Mr11JS says:

    You are the best !!!

  5. andy80186 says:

    so Robert, what do u think about my proposal?

  6. andreajordanuk says:

    nice video great content superb presentation

  7. EFTSubtitulado says:

    Hi Robert

    Please watch the videos that i translated,
    I REALLY want the training course but I dont have the money, so I have a proposal for u…

    (i am andy80186 with another account)
    r e t a a p @ h o t m a i l . c o m

  8. HealingMagic says:

    send me a message here on youtube and I will give it to you.

  9. HealingMagic says:

    send me a message here on youtube

  10. andy80186 says:

    im sorry Robert  but I most be blind, where I cant send u a private email, Thanks

  11. jazzychazzy007 says:

    You are great! Love it! Thanks

  12. loui0008 says:

    Great vid, Robert!

  13. HealingMagic says:

    my email is on website or on front of this page.

  14. HealingMagic says:

    Mentally tap, physically tap on the blank out feeling and experiences. Tap away the stresses around tests too.

  15. themisterone says:

    I needed this, I’m in a Chinese Medicine Graduate program. Do you have anything for information over load? Mid-terms comes around and the mind just blanks out there’s too much info.

  16. kyyneleet says:

    This video make me happy. 🙂

  17. andy80186 says:

    good tip,

    Robert how can I send u an email?

  18. millionanderson says:

    “I help children cheat on spelling tests.” I LOVE it! Hehehe.

  19. yourboycal says:

    your awsome dude , keep up the good work , just because youtube community doesnt show it , its very well appreciated 🙂 and i tip my hat to u good sir ^^

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