25 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Memory And Keep Your Brain Sharp

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25 Responses to “25 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Memory And Keep Your Brain Sharp”

  1. Darius Samadi says:

    In your next video, show your face? Try doing different videos in a
    different element

  2. Jorge Barros Cabezas says:

    #26 remember all 25

  3. jamc666 says:

    What was # 25 again ?

  4. Neko Tengu says:

    This guy should refrain from giving dietary advice – sugar is bad for your
    brain so stay away from carby foods as they turn to sugar when broken down
    during digestion (complex carb is just as bad). Saturated fat is great for
    your body and your brain loves it, it fills you up and you feel better and
    your brain works better.

  5. david simpson says:

    Ya stop dranking tap water also the fluoride is not helping you

  6. Alfa Wolf says:

    A lot a scientists are proposing that laughter is its a survival mechanism.
    Like how babies laugh to get close to their parents or like how people

  7. kurtiss stephens says:

    very helpful, I like how its educationally interesting and not boring

  8. Jesus Chrust says:

    what is that background music called??!

  9. ATROFlAR says:

    25 differences between lefties and right-handed people

  10. Palmstar125 says:

    The Mozart effect only works with the one specific song by Mozart. The
    whole business of this effect is a waste and possibly a scam.

  11. Al Spencer says:

    #6 it’s very funny. Thank you for give me laughter.

  12. Abhishek Srivastava says:

    All Generic nonsense.

  13. JWFreestyle says:

    Does this only work for brain memory or does it also work for muscle

  14. Meep Moop says:

    Remove your bras: A new study performed by 4chan has founded that women who
    don’t wear bras, wear tighter underwear and wear short skirts has been
    proven to significantly have your IQ’s increased. Though, no evidence has
    been found that this will work upon fat and old women.

  15. Kayla Harding says:

    “Get enough rest” ummm….. It’s kinda like I don’t know… Two I the
    morning here? I have to wake up at 6 so is that enough sleep? Eh. Whatever.
    I don’t need no sleep.

  16. Danny Ly says:

    Does laughing till u crying good for u?

  17. BenjaRenz says:

    Very cliché tips.

  18. Muhammad Hasan says:

    absolutely amazing .. thank you .. #respect :)

  19. PhoenixInsanity says:

    #024 Don’t smoke weed…Especially when you have something important to do.
    What was it again?

  20. Jon Cameron says:

    Remember, memory is key.

  21. Da DON Is ME says:

    30000th view!!!!!!!!

  22. pinkachu557 says:

    this video could also be called: ‘montage of really cheesy stock photos’

  23. Emin Asadourian says:

    The classical music one was disproven a few months ago by a new study, but
    they also found that learning how to play an instrument dose give you a
    more developed frontal lobe

  24. Jav Mac says:

    #1 Ovoid youtube and its annoying comment section

  25. Karen McCall says:

    I play the trombone, and let me tell you, it really does help to practice
    it or play it when I’m stressed. And I also think that playing a musical
    instrument helps you be better in schoolwork and listening and all that,
    too. Or yea, just listening to music helps, but singing for me helps a lot
    too. :)

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