28c3 LT Day 3: Brain Hacks: Retrofitting the Sixth Sense

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A brain hack is identifying a neuronal mechanism that was evolutionary (probably) developed to do one thing, and then exploiting or hijacking this mechanism to do another. If you google for “brain hacks” however you will find loads of “brain improvement tips”, yet no satisfactory explanation how and why these so-called hacks shall work. In this talk, I will present one exemplary model mechanism, how we hacked it, and the surprising results we found.

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2 Responses to “28c3 LT Day 3: Brain Hacks: Retrofitting the Sixth Sense”

  1. Melckorr says:

    Fuc,..k the puppets of new world order. They want things like this to total control and everyone who helps them to create things like this will be doomed.

  2. iAnasazi says:

    At 6:06, the r in Behaviours and the c in Functions just disappeared 😉

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