4 Direct Reasons Why You’ll Be Kicking Yourself If You Don’t Memorize The Bible Verses

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4 Direct Reasons Why You’ll Be Kicking Yourself If You Don’t Memorize The Bible Verses

Article by James Melvin

Simply put, memorization of the inspirational Bible verses is important in the life of a true Christian. Learning the words of God by heart is not so that you could brag about your awesome knowledge to your friends and relatives. It is by no means for the reason, though some wayward Christians seem to think it is. No. The purpose of Bible memorization is to be able to maintain a closer relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ, by continuously learning his teachings and His plans for us in this life and the next. That is the true reason for memorizing the Bible verses.A professor of Philosophy, Dallas Willard, at the prestigious University of Southern California once said that if he had to choose among all the different disciplines in life, he would, no doubt, choose Bible memorization. He believes that learning the words of God is one and the one true of feeding the mind and soul of what they need – spiritual nurturing. Without this, the body would die a slow and painless death. A spiritual death.If you are still not convinced why you have to memorize the Bible verses as a Christian, perhaps these reasons might change your mind completely.1. Bible memorizations allows us to conform with Jesus ChristJesus Christ was a simple man who lived a simple life. And yet he was able to save mankind from self-destruction and gave it another chance to redeem itself in the eyes of the Father who created it. Jesus Christ was able to do this by living in accordance to the wishes of his Father, the Lord. By memorizing the Bible verses, we too can live like Jesus Christ and redeem ourselves in preparation for the next life.2. Bible memorization allows us to triumph over sin on a daily basisJust because Satan was not able to woo mankind before thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ doesn’t mean he has stopped trying ever since. The devil is still trying to find ways so mankind would stray from the path set by the Lord, and through Bible memorization we are able to better protect ourselves from his daily attack into our lives and on our faith as followers of Jesus Christ. With better knowledge of the Bible, we can distinguish right from wrong much easily and be able to form decisions on the spot that fall right in place with God’s greater plan for our lives.3. Bible memorization allows us to counsel and comfort the people who are important to usWe want to be able to help all that we can. But most importantly, we want to be able to help those we love the most, the people that are closest to us. If you have a good knowledge of the Bible verses you can advice them and comfort them and counsel them without having to find a copy of the Bible for reference. This is the strength of a Christian who has learned the words of God in his heart.Learning the inspirational Bible verses by heart allows us to share and provide inspiration to those who are in need during the most vulnerable time of their lives. As a Christian, do you need a better reason to start memorizing the Bible verses?

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