4 Times Table Song – Multiplication Memorization

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25 Responses to “4 Times Table Song – Multiplication Memorization”

  1. jcg gomez says:

    make me better at multiplication

  2. hosny shahen says:


  3. La Nena Delgado says:

    I love the song

  4. Vonnie Wysocki says:

    good video

  5. sitti MOHAMED says:

    Thank u so much 

  6. sitti MOHAMED says:

    This helped me very will

  7. Mustafa Samadi says:

    I pause the vid and just me arise but u did help so imma gonna suscribe



  9. lpslovercle3344 says:

    . great song

  10. Ryan Ejired says:

    thank you learning playground for your videos! my son likes it!

  11. TheFunnydaniel says:

    nice song

  12. tawhiri Marsh says:


  13. Shelly-Ann Reid says:

    it is nice stut it

  14. Barbara Blackburn says:

    Done in 20 minutes :).

  15. Alvin Ramdhanie says:


  16. tawhiri Marsh says:

    thank lots of help

  17. irocksolikelol says:


  18. Sophia Tatum says:

    I love your album thanks my girls love you and your music its amazing

  19. learningplayground says:

    Thank you! It’s very kind of you to say that! Say HI to your girls for me.

  20. lamore1205 says:

    Good for me!!!!!!!! I need to be learning

  21. Sophia Tatum says:

    ok I will do that thanks lol and I got your album lol

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