5 Tips to Better Memory

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5 TIPS TO BETTER MEMORY Why are We so Forgetful? Is there anything in your life that you will never forget? What ingredient ensures that this embedded memory is permanently etched in your psyche, forever remaining with you? Is it possible to replicate this ingredient in allowing us to improve our memories? Why do we remember certain things and forget others? Often, we remember things we would rather forget and forget things we would rather remember. Are there methods to retrieve lost memories and eliminate haunting ones? What does memory teach us about ourselves? How much is it linked with our ability to listen and retain? Can improved memory help our lives? This coming Shabbat is called Shabbat Zachor, the Shabbat of memory — named after the additional portion we read on the Shabbat before Purim. We remember. What is the power of memory and how does it impact us? Did you know that for close to 1500 years Jews memorized by heart the entire Torah (hence, it is called the Oral Torah)? How did they do that? Can we learn from them how to improve our memories? Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he gleans from Zachor methods to improve your memory. Drawing on his experience as a “chozer,” one who memorized and retained hours of talks delivered on Shabbat and holidays (when no recorders or notes were used), Rabbi Jacobson will reveal 5 “trade secrets” to better memory. With some actual exercises, discover how enhancing memory is not just about improving your IQ and mental aptitude
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  1. angelhood1 says:

    the saging process ah, instead of the ageing process. another marvellous gem

  2. angelhood1 says:

    very hard to be your own judge. what a gem of a statement

  3. angelhood1 says:

    coldness, numbness, apathy, indifference that’s why organizations cannot progress

  4. angelhood1 says:

    He likes the prophet Moses. Whenever he mentions Moses he smiles

  5. angelhood1 says:

    This man is so good. He knows a lot. He is a good preacher and all Jews should be proud of him. He is open minded and knowledgeable about all faiths. Even though I am Christian I would like to meet him one day.

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