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Do you have trouble memorizing things? Have you invested an entire day in a seminar only to forget everything within a few weeks? How many times do you say, “I’m sorry I forgot your name?” Now you can learn a few ideas about how memorization works. Invest approximately 8 minutes and stop wasting time. Learn how to learn and retain important information. You will increase your credibility and have an easier time building rapport by remembering names and other pertinent facts about others.
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20 Responses to “7 Secrets to Improve Memorization.m4a”

  1. siddhantkishore says:

    You are weak at Maths….geometry to be specific and triangles to be precise!!

  2. freakman707 says:

    Too bad Im not a teacher 0_0

  3. chanthany2 says:

    @FOSICKLIKEWHA1 -_- no comment (it’s a saying)


    your voice turns me on.

  5. 909bluey says:

    um ill try this but im not very sure if any of them will work very well :I

  6. zetalore says:

    Here is my memory technique , write what you want to know on paper and you’ll never forget =D !

  7. 268212396 says:

    equilateral is all equal sides

  8. nourabouchala says:

    @quietman18 lol i thought i was wrong 😛

  9. crossenlr says:

    Equalateral is equal on all sides. Get you triangles right.

  10. theEdTechInsider says:

    Thanks for the great tips on memorization. At our company Brainscape, we use many of these memorization tips to help teach people a variety of different topics. Check out our videos and our website when you have time!

  11. dentalstudent30 says:

    Dear Michelle,

    I need to learn a lot of info for exams and don’t have the opportunity to teach. I recognise that teaching others forces you to flex muscles needed for memory recall and is the best way, sure. But do you have something more practical please? Thank you

  12. emi5122000 says:

    dude get ur triangles right

  13. UltimateSoul1 says:

    Teaching others must have the knowledge of it though

  14. aznXbankai says:

    @chichiribichi get told bitch, lol

  15. MichelleMotivateMe says:

    @killerz1230 Everything varies from person to person. What we do in these type of programs is speak to the general population. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate that you watched the video and provided feedback.

  16. MichelleMotivateMe says:

    @chichiribichi I think that you would benefit so much from watching videos by focusing on what you want to learn rather than small mistakes that are not that important in the “big picture”. I do appreciate you watching the videos and providing the feedback. It helps me to improve. Thank you Chichiribichi

  17. chichiribichi says:

    if you cant retain the fact that an isoceles has 2 equal sides… and you say go ahad instead of go ahead… mmmm… i dont know…

  18. killerz1230 says:

    Shouldn’t this information vary from person to person ? Cause everyone have different mental capabilities and such . So yeah , just saying .

  19. toasterder says:

    100%, teaching YOURSELF, teaching others is a waste of time.

  20. quietman18 says:

    Good points but isosceles triangle has 2 equal sides. Equilateral has 3 equal sides.

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