7 Steps to Increase Your Intelligence

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7 Steps to Increase Your Intelligence

Article by Jeff Parker

7 Steps to Increase Your Intelligence

In the next few minutes, if you put into effect the advice given in the points below you will indeed increase your intelligence.

This may seem a wild boast but it is true. The effects may not be long lasting, indeed they may only last as long as you consciously continue to act on the advice.

However, with proper training longer term intelligence increases can be yours for the taking. BUT it will time, effort and perseverance on your part.

Dr Bernard Devlin conducted a study of more than 200 articles that have been published in the magazine “Nature” on the subject of Intelligence. He came to the conclusion that yes genes do play a part in your intelligence, but only 42%. The other 58% is influenced by factors such as upbringing and subsequent education and training. Other studies by Dr Win Wenger, Machado, and Buzan (all leaders in their field) have also proven that you can increase your intelligence by further training.

So onto the 7 methods for a quick increase to your intelligence.

1. Increase the flow of blood to the brain by ensuring you breath deeply. This is the easiest method to give your intelligence a substantial boost. Meditation can help you here. And before I hear many of you turn off, I need to point out that this works simply by helping you breath deeper. For a quick fix try this, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, if any thought comes to mind, as they will, block them out as soon as you recognise them and carry on breathing. One way to concentrate is to centre your thinking on one thought and one only. Make this thought the feeling of air passing over your nostrils, doing this will make it much harder for other thoughts to enter your head. Keep this up for a couple of minutes, that’s all you need. By the way, you were breathing through the nose, right? Breathing through the mouth tends to be shallower, so avoid it.

2. To quickly get the blood pumping and get oxygen to the brain take a little exercise. Now I’m not talking a 5 mile run, that could be quite difficult when you have to attend your pay increase review in the next ten minutes. But there’s nothing stopping you putting on your coat and walking out to your car in the car park or quickly circling your workplace.

3. Get yourself a good posture. If you’re sitting then sit up straight, no slouching allowed. Close your mouth, see point 1. If you’re standing then stand straight, keep the shoulders square and get yourself a good grounding by planting the feet in a solid position. Just doing this will make you immediately more attentive and focused.

4. For a quick boost (this is not a long term strategy remember) get yourself a cup of coffee. The caffeine encourages the brain to step up a gear and improve its workrate. This is obviously to get you over a short term hurdle, maybe a meeting, a game of chess, or even a game of poker?

5. Do not eat any sugary foods before an important event. This raises the insulin level very quickly and leads to a feeling of sluggishness. Ever feel tired just after lunch? This point actually applies to any simple carbohydrate foods such as potatoes and white flour.

6. Get plenty of good sleep. Get yourself off to bed at a reasonable hour. Do not go to bed late and make up for that by getting up late. Getting up later in the day has been shown to make you more lethargic. Following on from this, if you feel tired during the day then do get up from your desk, and go and sit in the car for a twenty minute powernap. Even ten minutes can be beneficial.

7. Continue to learn. Try to learn one n
ew thing daily, this could be about yourself, your work, your environment. This will help to keep the brain active and help increase memory performance which impacts on intelligence.

We’ve tried to show you some techniques to quickly raise your intelligence levels. Some take effect immediately: breathing, the right foods, exercise, posture and some a little longer, sleep and ongoing learning.

These all help. However, long term continuing efforts to learn and improve you intelligence will pay dividends and should be a part of your overall plan.

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