8 Hour Study Music: Brain Power, Studying Music, Focus Music, Concentration Music ☯202

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25 Responses to “8 Hour Study Music: Brain Power, Studying Music, Focus Music, Concentration Music ☯202”

  1. Amine Benaichouche says:

    If you need to replay this 8 hours music for studying that means you’re
    working so hard… I did! 

  2. Rayudu Eshwar says:

    Alright! My school suddenly prepomed the most important exam to Tomorrow
    and I have only 10 hours huh? Being it on!

    CheckList: RedBull Onions Chips Coffee Music

  3. Jake Nair says:

    Hey you! Yeah you! Quit readin’ comments and get back to studying!

  4. LaVonne West says:

    This is good for meditation in a noisy area also. It helps you block out
    the noises and just… Be

  5. ahmed mahmoud says:

    Unique music for studying .. 

  6. melanie monga says:

    So peaceful 

  7. ToBe Fair says:

    This reminds me of Anugama. Gentle somber epic zen. The mix is “drone wall”
    enough to block out heavy machine urban noise pollution and create a safe
    and calming space for mental concentration.

    Grateful for all the efforts of sharing such beauties. You guys are doing
    great service to humanity. Thank you so so much.

  8. C. Nguyen says:

    The music helps me feel at ease. Honestly, instead of showing a bunch of
    books. I like see a nice scenery with some ocean and birds flying, trees
    and other nature stuff. 

  9. Marco Linguri says:

    I never thought this would help me… now I tried it… it helped me 😀
    Today’s wordcount: 1521 !!! #AcWriMo

    Mit einem großen Dankeschön an +Daniel Spielmann 

  10. Anqi Zhang says:

    Have chapters of work due tomorrow, I am determined to pull all nighter
    with the assistance of this 8 hour music, cold water and some oranges!

  11. Juditha karajol says:

    Who else suppouse to be studying instead of Youtube ??

  12. ares647 says:

    12:30 AM where i’m at, writing about halfway through my second 7 page paper
    in 2 days, got one more to go after this, my brain is mush but this helps,
    anyone remember the days when we could just sit down and write a paper
    without wasting hours looking for articles online?

  13. Fang Lyn says:

    that guy down there told me to tell you to stop reading comments and get
    back to studying

  14. charlie glynn says:

    lying in bed listening to this and i feel so light, amazing

  15. Brokenstrings93 says:

    I use this kind of videos for studying since I am junior and now I am
    senior. It is perfect to work/studying and even more I have to say to
    compose/write essays or research papers because it cuts you from the rest
    of the world and it isn’t moving enough to be focussing on it. Perfect for
    working. Thank you for the video

  16. Silvia Petre says:

    Does this have brain waves?

  17. PurpleNightTheKitty says:

    Helped a lot while writing an English essay! Thank you :)

  18. Fang Lyn says:

    i find enya’s music great for studying also

  19. Ron Tal says:

    This is just great !
    can’t believe that just on my last semester of my studies I discovered this
    technique of study music :)

  20. Kyuuri Spark says:

    I just search studying music and click what appears XD 

  21. Ethan Smith says:

    I was doing math and do awful then I turned this on and I was doing much
    better. Thank you.

  22. basement86 says:

    Thank you! This music really helps me focus. 🙂 

  23. Ameerah Camryn says:

    The music is very helpful. But I have to agree with another commentator.
    The music is thought provoking and serene. I just think a nice video of
    nature (anything other than more books) would be great. just a thought…

  24. sunnybunny7 says:

    this type of music helps me study… :)

  25. Glory Dey says:

    Music Therapy – Music compilation for Brain Power, Focus, Studies &
    Concentration. Soft and soothing tones. Relax and refresh your energy!!

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