A degree easily – with a photographic memory activate your subconscious it's easy with this tape

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Star with your memory and then change your life. pass exams, find the right partner get that batchelor degree whatever you wish, you may have just listen to the tape and follow in structions to the letter! PS.Imagine what you will achieve with a photgraphic memory;listen to the tape
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25 Responses to “A degree easily – with a photographic memory activate your subconscious it's easy with this tape”

  1. brett19661 says:

    This dishonest man is not a doctor and knows nothing about counselling. He is a failed businessman who ran a catering; kissogram, costume hire and a florists business, all of which failed. Then he served three years in prison for arson and fraud. I don’t think he or his ex-striper wife (who ran an escort agency) should be masquerading as doctors and counselling vulnerable people.

  2. XDskateable says:

    you dont say…..LOL that was a WASTE OF TIME

  3. xXxCrayZxXx says:

    Shit i diddn’t know 160 years ago i wouldn’t find electric n cars, damn man learn summet alrdy.

  4. fixtable says:

    this bitsh has the prettiest dentures for teeth that I have ever seen!

  5. lopytube says:

    @SuperBeanson your on the right track.its a linguistic trick…or device used to lull the subconcious mind into a less critical state.They both are scammers.

    Im still not sure if photoreading is even possible

  6. AlinaSvid says:

    nice dress… O_o

  7. SuperBeanson says:

    Why does he keep pausing for … seconds… between each of his profound utterances?
    So, this process cures: depression, low self esteem , drug addiction, alcoholism- wait a minute… everything- way to make it sound like snake oil losers

  8. 813moloney says:

    kate you look like shit

  9. dabelpablito says:

    He is right. Most of us is oriented externally… When outside conditions change we change internally… I found out that I was hole life reversely…. Now Im trying to change myself focus on my internal conditions so I will be not distracted by external conditions…

  10. annavardanyan4 says:

    omg this is sooooo boring ! i rather die then even think of watching this tape if this is the start!

  11. AnthonySullivan says:

    These people are complete idiots. This is a total scam!

  12. ricardas83 says:

    @christopheclugston Good stuff is not cheap, but there are lots of scams. This stuff is one of it.

  13. christopheclugston says:

    @ricardas83 Well not everything is for free.

  14. jfedgar says:

    Whats with the man-lady with the giant hair? Yeah, that makes me want to continue watching.

  15. JoshsGTO says:

    @yousurfer2 LOL I’M TAKING THE BLUE PILL.

  16. tcee001 says:

    r u boring? will u like to shut the fuck up?
    will u like to pull your video?
    I will show u. this discovery that has only recently been discovered.
    just CLICK SPAM
    I will prove it to u… lol

  17. MsDianaBTF says:


  18. yousurfer2 says:

    is this a remake of The Matrix?

  19. Mr11dave11 says:

    which 1s the plant pot, answer on a post card :)))

  20. Ian7570 says:

    Oh, a doctor. He must be trustworthy. And I was thinking it was going to be a SCAM

  21. 777pvtube says:

    went to his web site where it says click here to download the hole video for free, so I did, then I get to watch this same boring 11 minute video again, he is full of lies, don’t watch him.

  22. ricardas83 says:

    When you start watch and about 10 minutes you just hear “I will tell you… soon, very soon, very soon… for complete information you have to go there and there” then you can preaty much understand, that this is bullshit. Another method to make some money from stupid people who run around Workshops of “How to become a millionare”. Bollocks

  23. catherineross100 says:

    Why not just forge a degree like Harries did? He’s a proven crook who spent 8 years in prison for arson and fraud – look him up.

  24. CountHuginn says:

    This discovey, has only recently been discovered. Hillarious sentence.

  25. Almutasem7 says:

    what a waste of time!!!!!!

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