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“ Many are asking “”””Does speed reading work?”””” Of course it does. This is the reason why Evelyn Wood became popular. This is also the reason why there are lots of instructional materials that are coming out today in the form of software, DVDs, ebooks, and audios. When it comes to enhancing comprehension, it really works. The faster you read, the quicker your comprehension is. This has been proven by a lot of speed readers. If this is not effective, then why do professionals and students still try to practice the techniques and speed reading tactics? There is nothing wrong if you want to become a rapid reader. If reading is your hobby, then probably you will understand the significance of this skill. When you read, you do not just read without having a purpose. You read because you want to learn. You want to absorb the right information. But you will not be able to get the right one if you are a poor reader. To increase your comprehension and speed, you have to know the following: 1. Use your eyes when you read. You are not an elementary or a grade school pupil that you have to read the text in full voice. When you read using your eyes, your speed increases. If you are not used to it, then practice – do it daily until you get used to it. 2. Train your brain. Reading with comprehension is a skill and not all people can get the gist of the story the first time the read it. But how does speed reading work here? Good question. Speed reading allows you to
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