A type of diet may Improve Memory

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A type of diet may Improve Memory

Article by Dr. Mital John

As a result of diet researchers surprisingly found that the tested memory skills have improved markedly. The researchers divided them into three groups: the first set a balanced diet with adequate amount of joules, the second she almost the same, but with a greater allocation of unsaturated fatty acids and the third had to be tested over time and strictly regulated calorie diet. After three months of the first two showed nothing unusual, but the third passed memory tests much better.

All children were given tests of logic before and after undergoing the experiment. The results? The group played the Nintendo DS did not show any significant improvement, except for an improvement of 19% in mathematics. However, the group that did the exercises with pencil and paper had the same increase in math and those who attended the school improved 18%.

Exercise, brain training and social activities are simple ways to keep alive the memory, but food plays a major role.

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