About Alzheimer Disease, Alzheimer Dementia, Memory Loss & How To Improve Memory.

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25 Responses to “About Alzheimer Disease, Alzheimer Dementia, Memory Loss & How To Improve Memory.”

  1. SoothedBySound says:

    While I agree with your message, please don’t use so many pop-ups on your
    videos. They are freakin annoying.

  2. wjestick says:

    Wow, All those generations of humans that ate chicken skin, eggs and milk
    who had lower cancer rates than us and lived into old age with a fraction
    of our medical care must just have been luck then. I eat all that stuff and
    my health is just great. Finally there is no science to back up your theory
    that chicken skin eggs and milk are not healthy. Just years of corporate
    dogma that has coincided with the worst deterioration in human health ever
    seen. Western Low fat high sugar diet = death

  3. Axxex says:

    Im vegan never thought I would hear that from a doctor, Thanks for getting
    on board against big pharma. You must get a lot of flack from your
    colleagues. You’re a real doctor Thank You.

  4. sugarmelonchewgumbon says:

    @Safet Your post implies chicken skin, eggs and milk are healthy. They are

  5. Gabriel Brooks says:

    1. Okay fine talk all YOU want about Dementia, I am interested in
    Alzheimer’s specifically because my father suffers from it. 2. Review the
    concept of Dominant and recessive genes, and also polymorphisms. 3. Again
    you are missing the point. MORE people are living longer, so there will be
    more cases. If those who previously had not survived childhood, did in fact
    survive, they might have been carriers etc.

  6. Robert Smith says:

    Great comments. As a Board Certified Health Educator, I’m in complete
    agreement about the US “diseasecare” system. They all talk about
    “prevention”, but usually refer to screenings-which only tell you what
    you’ve already got! We’ve known for generations the causes of heart
    disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other major diseases. Ask your doctor why
    they never suggest nutrition, exercise, or self-care. Also ask them why the
    ONLY health-related magazines in the waiting area are full of drug ads.

  7. Natural Foods Diet - Natural Health Information says:

    Great points that you make. The system is broken and it will take courage
    to fix it.

  8. y0utUBeH8r says:

    @jessetherawfooddude theyre called disinfo agents.

  9. Gabriel Brooks says:

    or someone who knows what a moron this guy is. Alzheimer’s is real. There
    currently is no effective treatment. Prevention would be a miracle.

  10. whiterose077 says:

    Thanks for all this info… 🙂

  11. Safet says:

    @jessetherawfooddude Probably some CEO of some pharmaceutical company.

  12. Gabriel Brooks says:

    Overall it’s a disease of the aging. Life expectancy grew largely in the
    20th century. It’s logical that number would increase too. There are
    genetic biomarkers that increase risk. Just ask the people at 23andMe

  13. wjestick says:

    Here is newsflash. Alzheimer’s disease is a specific disease. Confirmation
    is done post mortem. Dementia is a set of symptoms. Treatment is done on
    the living, so confirmation of Alzheimer’s disease cannot take place before
    giving treatment. Prevention may not be as hard as you think. Alzheimer’s
    is a 20th / 21st Century plague. Eliminating the environmental factors
    could well be enough to wipe it out as it is not genetic..

  14. Andy Kahn says:

    Try herbal supplements if any of your near and dear ones are in early
    stages of dementia/AD – alzheimer-herbs “dot” com

  15. ENAIRAMA1 says:

    your little videos are of such amazing value. Thank you for educating the

  16. Francheska7778 says:

    This is true… my mother is only 66 years old and was diagnosed with
    alzheimer, she never took care of herself and ate almost anything… Now i
    feel like she’s not longer here, even tho she still lives, she’s not the
    person i always knew, she might forget some day who i am, but i still know
    who she is and I LOVE HER and take care of her until the end. But
    unfortunately there is nothing i can do to make her the person she was
    before… thanks to this info that won’t happen to me…

  17. miiitymous says:

    I really appreciate your videos. Thanks for taking the time!

  18. Gabriel Brooks says:

    Where has anyone document full remission using only DCA? all papers I have
    seen were in vitro, not in vivo. It’s funny how you say you won’t debate
    semantics about cure, but turn around and split hairs about clinical vs.
    definitive diagnosis. He’s had all the clinical tests and evaluations, a
    surgical shunt, and various MRI’s.

  19. Safet says:

    @sugarmelonchewgumbon They are! Check Dr. Wallach’s lectures. But you are
    entitled to your opinion.

  20. wjestick says:

    Cure is an emotive word with many legal implications I am not going to
    waste time debating semantics except to say numerous clinicians documented
    total remissions using it, with no long term side effects. That in itself
    makes it superior to many chemotherapy treatments. As far as your dad had
    having dementia, unless he is dead the diagnosis cannot be confirmed so I
    would not go throwing that word around too lightly. There are many causes
    of dementia and different possible remedies for each.

  21. wjestick says:

    1. I will say a prayer for your dad. 2. I will not debate with you any
    more, emotional involvement can lead to deeply hurt feelings, it isn’t
    worth it. 3. Mainstream medicine has its own agenda, you are best served
    doing your own research. Sometimes this means looking at things the
    mainstream have ignored or overlooked. The fact is if a treatment can’t be
    patented drug companies are not interested, they admit this. See the
    youtube video on DCA cancer cure or remember Loretzo’s oil.

  22. Sereena111 says:

    Great video. Thanks for providing this info.

  23. jessetherawfooddude says:

    1 dislike? Whats not to like about this video?

  24. wjestick says:

    1. Alzheimer’s disease is not equivalent of dementia. There are many causes
    of dementia, but the symptom profile is often lumped together. 2. Genetics
    don’t explain it. There is huge increase in the number of cases among
    people who’s parents did not have dementia. 3. Life expectancy is
    irrelevant. Most of the increase in life expectancy in the 20th century
    arises from falling childhood mortality. People commonly lived into old age
    if they survived childhood.

  25. Gabriel Brooks says:

    The preventive “Drugs” are actually antibodies. They boost the bodies
    defense against the plaques. Lifestyle modifications may prevent Type III
    diabetes and it’s role in Alzheimer’s.

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