Andi Bell explains the `link method` memory technique [2/2]

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This is a cut segment from a larger documentary on the brain titled “BBC – Get Smart”; It reveals some of the techniques used by world champion Andi Bell. Andi holds the current world record for speed cards of 31.16 seconds. You can see more of his results at web.aanet.com.au . Andi Bell isn’t an autistic savant, meerly someone who has trained their brain to be able to memorize and codify information in the brain using advanced mnemonic techniques. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, let me know. I’ll be happy to give you more information. You can email me at tranceriver@gmail.com , and I will happily respond. I love emails :). I will 100% respond. Hopefully you will enjoy this video as much as I did. This is the second half of two videos that I’ve uploaded. The first is located here: www.youtube.com , making this 2/2 .] Enjoy!
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25 Responses to “Andi Bell explains the `link method` memory technique [2/2]”

  1. MuhammadTalhaQureshi says:


  2. TheAntiKaon says:

    how pointless – remembering stupid word list. What about real world uses like physics formulas, etc??

  3. Atomic440 says:

    I wonder if anyone’s used this technique to memorize Kanji for Japanese. I failed Japanese because I couldn’t remember kanji. I just couldn’t find an effective way to remember 1) what it looked like, 2) what it meant, 3) the readings it had, and 4) combinations of kanji that created new words. I’m sure if I could apply this method, I would be able to learn Kanji must easier.

  4. Hajjat says:

    Yes, you gotta connect the new words to something you already know. I’ve been learning italian this way. Take a look at memrise.com

  5. isaiahnbrandon says:

    what about rembering “new” words……. willl this work….. Anatomy & Physiology problems!!!!

  6. Colourbend says:

    What’s the national anthem doing here?

  7. sizorx9 says:

    Can Anybody Plz Tell Me How This Techinique is used To Remember Large Information that doesnot have any connection within……Like Computer Program Coding….and Abstract Logical Information Like Random Numbers………Plz help I badly Need The solution………………

  8. KattunxLuv says:

    Well if you associate them properly, you should be able to recall them easily since that’s how memory works; you encode or associate, store the information and then retrieve it later on. The better you associate, the better the retrieval.

  9. DetectiveConan150 says:

    The number of words isn’t big enough. I want to have more words.

  10. TronEmpireTutorial says:

    Ah. Seems logical. But will I be able to use for many numbers and recall them at any given times when needed?

  11. KattunxLuv says:

    you make a story using the formula or you can associate the numbers with something familiar to you.

  12. TronEmpireTutorial says:

    How does this works with numbers?

  13. anupis1000 says:

    it works:)

  14. frizzamacho says:

    very cool video especially the domino part 😀

  15. tavitjjj says:

    Hanibal Letter useed to use this technique

  16. animalwaves says:

    Guide to building your own memory palaces and journeys and much more, including 10 example “journeys” of 100 “stages” each and compatible with the number-letter code memory master Dominic O’Brien uses for his Person-Action system for remembering strings of digits, MEMORY PALACE DEFINITIVE by James Smith, is now available on most worldwide Amazon sites

  17. svellene says:

    It’s a very good method for memorizing random words, lists, numbers and trivia, but it won’t work so well on definitions, especially if the subject is pretty abstract and you don’t have a lot of references in the real world for what you’re trying to learn. You also have to be very, very creative, but that means it’s pretty fun to use 🙂

  18. chomveluwan says:

    thank you very much Sir!

  19. ichineseflashcards says:

    Please check out ichineseflashcards (dot com) (helps you learn Chinese (Mandarin) faster by using flashcards with pictures), thanks

  20. TheWyvrn says:

    One guy used this technique to memorize Pi to the 65,536th digit. I have used it to memorize my entire literature chapter as well as all my chemistry. Also all of my vocabulary (500+).

  21. roboroadsss says:

    Listening to this in the time I really needed to study…

  22. rensdenobel says:

    I’m using lumosity brain training since a month, to improve my brain after I’ve suffered a serious burnout. So far I’m very surprised at how fast I’m improving. It has quite some memory training games too.

  23. skating1611 says:

    Has it worked?

  24. DXAnimeRockzXD says:

    Would this work for 120 words AND definitions as well? Plus about 30 root words and definitions to those root words? (hopes it does *studies*) =_=””

  25. CheeklessOnion says:

    now I’m gonna remember paper salamander for the rest of my life 🙁

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