Apple iLens Concept

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The iLens would allow for photographic memory, night vision, binoculars and augmented reality with a heads up display.
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25 Responses to “Apple iLens Concept”

  1. kristianoranaldo says:

    Imagine typing in mid air and then people around you only see your fingers moving in the air XD

  2. OmemeoO says:

    anybody read the “uglies series” ? this is like an eyescreen, without the skintenna!! 😀

  3. OmemeoO says:

    this would, or will be pretty cool. a whole new level of technology!! ladies and gentelmen, we have reached ‘the future”

  4. CandySecks says:

    lol at all the “fake” comments. Its already being made, look it up yourself. Technology is only going to get better.

  5. ArmyDeUno says:

    Sounds like Stephen Hawking is the Spokesperson for this new product

  6. brunti oke says:

    …..and you believe this?

  7. Sara Black says:

    It’s like machines controlling your mind.. o.o


  8. GPow69 says:

    Keep dreaming, your eye would never be able to focus properly on the HUD.

  9. Tom Williams says:

    Death of the pub quiz

  10. Majoraspirit says:

    0:08 Call of Duty

  11. hatkarakteresteve says:

    fake but good idea…
    here u found the real lens what showed at 0:04

  12. Zachari94 says:

    The only apple product that i would actually buy. this is amaing

  13. HondaBoi171 says:

    If this shots for real, it’s fucking insane

  14. James Mann says:

    the iRing looked cooler

  15. Loubriel2 says:

    i was being sarcastic… fuckin dumbass 😛

  16. Conor Damery says:

    then I agree with @Stewiegriffinist XD

  17. Loubriel2 says:

    yes… totally.

  18. Conor Damery says:

    is this for real?

  19. iTzxJ3NS says:

    Just imagine sitting in a class with this. omg never ending boredom.

  20. jrstout09 says:

    yea buddy
    i called it

  21. hiMusashi says:

    teacher: could u please tell me what it log 3^6
    student: Why yes i can :D….looks away(thanks ilens)

  22. TechnoGamer1011 says:

    get my wallet

  23. ganondorf66 says:

    Yeah sure, google apps on apple…

  24. BenjaminArshadTV says:

    ironically this is something that microsoft will make, but no one will care, 1-2 years later iApple makes the same thing but with their shitty software and the whole world will go crazy 😛

  25. Ben Hipkins says:

    Time for a Heavy Rain ARI to be made!

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