Baby Shower Memory Game

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In this video I share my favorite Baby Shower game, how it works and how to make it! (=
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21 Responses to “Baby Shower Memory Game”

  1. Lara Ashley says:

    I think you’re asking what she had on the back of the cardboard. Its the candy and then what “clue” it corresponds to so that she can remember quickly as she passes out the candy to whoever makes that match. Sort of like a cheat sheet so things keep going without having to stop and remember which is which. Is that what you meant?

  2. fluffywanderings says:

    planning a baby shower for sunday! This may be perfect! Thanks!

  3. TheBrittbrat2341 says:

    Do you think it is a good investment for someone who plans on breastfeeding? ( I breast fed Lucas for over a year, and plan to do the same with this one) Any who I will be having a c-section and there is no where comfy to sit in our house, not even our bed! lol

  4. CandidMommy says:

    Exactly!! (=

  5. CandidMommy says:

    Not sure… bought it from Wal Mart in ’09 (-:

  6. CandidMommy says:


  7. guitargamery says:

    my God im so with a step behind with u…after watching the banana video i am not sure if we can trust you a lot…you cheat a lot lady/lol and stop swallow…you still swallowing that banana__

  8. Sarahm0130 says:

    Are you putting the “clues” on the back of the cards of the candy name?

  9. TheBrittbrat2341 says:

    what kind of glider do you have? 🙂

  10. Renae Christine says:

    I know. Baby showers are really awkward for everyone until the ice is broken. Who doesn’t love candy though? That’s a great way to break the ice.

  11. CandidMommy says:

    There are some fun ones!

  12. CandidMommy says:

    You can… it’s one less step however you could just hot glue normal velcro down (-:

    I don’t… I just tell them to pick two numbers and when they get a match they get the prize… everyone laughs… and you keep going. Keeps the game more fun too (=

  13. mcg267 says:

    Too cute!

  14. syndeybeck95 says:

    So you need to use adhesive velcro right? That’s what I look for in the store? Also do you show the guests the prizes when you introduce the game? Thanks for sharing this, will be doing this soon.

  15. carebearhotwheels1 says:

    cool idea!

  16. misaki covington says:

    what a cute name u call for the candy bar!!

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