Back to School: Memorization Tips!

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I’m really scared to see what you guys think of this video, since I feel like I didn’t really explain the methods well – but hopefully atleast one of you took something from it! If you actually found this interesting maybe comment below a method you will try using? Study Tips Video: www.youtube.com Shoutout of the Day! VivaLoveKay! Subscribe 🙂 www.youtube.com 20 Power Pegs: 1. Sun 2. Eyes 3. Triangle 4. Floor 5. Fingers 6. Sticks 7. 7-Up 8. Octopus 9. Baseball 10. Hen 11. Goal 12. Eggs 13. Black Cat 14. Heart 15. Tennis 16. Driving 17. Seventeen Magazine 18. Graduation 19. 19-inch TV 20. Bucks!Thanks for watching! Don’t be a party pooper, visit one of my links below and join the party! – FACEBOOK www.facebook.com 2ND YOUTUBE CHANNEL www.youtube.com TWITTER UPDATES DAILY twitter.com SUBSCRIBER YOUTUBE GMAIL fashionwithty@gmail.com BUISNESS MAIL gospeakout@gmail.com Camera I Use: Sony HD HandyCam HDR-CX110 FTC: These are my own opinions, I purchased every product with my own money.

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25 Responses to “Back to School: Memorization Tips!”

  1. shimmerymangos says:

    This is great thank you! I am definitely going to use these tips for my semester exams =]

  2. htebazile333 says:

    Do u go to brown university for college?

  3. TBABiiDUH says:

    Beneficial. I can’t wait for the semester start so I can try these out.

  4. OhNatSaysHey says:

    i really wanna use the power pegs thing..but i don’t understand it! help me? (:

  5. photogirly12 says:

    2 of my friends went to brown. did you know julia and amanda? they were sisters!

  6. xitsbeautiful says:

    you are so beautiful!!!!!!

  7. 10junebug01 says:

    Hi! I’m sorry but I’m a little confused, I remember a while ago you said you were 15, but you’re talking about going to Brown. Did you take a seminar there or something?

  8. ladan147 says:

    Hey! I love watching your videos and i have left you many video responses and comments before but it would really help me if you could give me a shout out! I lovveeee watching your videos and you really inspired me to make them so it would be awesome if you could check out my channel!

  9. Loveexo09 says:

    im still sooooo very confused with the power pegs can you please explain maybe a different way?

  10. peacexzebras says:

    those pegs helped so muchhh lol those kinds of things always help mee(: btw i memorized those after watching it once and going through it in my head twice(:

  11. campanitajonas says:


  12. xxashleyxox says:

    wait? u go to brown university? how old r u? i thought u were like 16, which is not a bad thing! much love, a loyal subscriber

  13. carjessdanni says:

    Congratulations on 100 videos Tyra!:D

  14. yosoynumerosass says:

    every tip in this video is helpful!! thanks!! i memorized the pegs very easily!

  15. yosoynumerosass says:

    wow this is very helpful!!! these are great! i would LOVE for you to do more! maybe like an educational series? like, tips on note taking? or paying attention in class etc. but these are just great!

  16. cupcake4271 says:

    i memorize all the 20 pegs ! 😀

  17. sammiemaclovin says:

    i dont understand the 20 peg things 🙁

  18. sheny68 says:

    you’re so pretty =]

  19. bmw0688 says:

    This is such a great video! Thanks so much for sharing these tips and explaining them so well, I’d love to see more study tips that you learned at Brown, like note taking 🙂

  20. meXmakeupXforeverX says:

    you really helped me;)

  21. Ssonea says:

    i think i understood everything, and even if not it was helpful and showed me so many good methods 🙂 and im definetely a visual person, so thats great 😀 thanks a lot !

  22. BritneyBitchforever says:

    thank you! I never knew that about the mind mapping thing!

  23. FashionWithTy says:

    If you need more of an explanation or help or any of the tips I mentioned in this video, feel free to message me on youtube and I will be glad to explain them further to you guys to try and help you out because I know it may be a little hard to understand just from this video. I appreciate all of your support and willingness to try to things though! You guys are awesome 🙂

  24. FashionWithTy says:

    The words you are trying to memorize usually never have to do with the numbers, which is why you come up with a way to make them relate! If that makes any sense? haha.

  25. ticklemepoynter says:

    Pretty good techniques! That Mind Mapping one is pretty awesome. Definitely a good way to memorize things.

    I think I get the hang of the power pegs. Hopefully I can put it to use when I take Bio or Ochem, haha.

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