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Beta brainwaves are considered to be the normal predominant brainwave pattern in healthy adults. Increasing the beta brainwaves is known to be good for increased energy, increased cognitive performance, improved attention, improved focused, better memory, increased metabolism, IQ boost, and reduced carbohydrate cravings. Beta brainwave entrainment is known to increase the electrical activity and the blood flow in the brain. Enjoy! For full-size brainwave entrainment audios, please visit us at www.brainwave-meditation.net

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17 Responses to “Beta Brainwave Entrainment.wmv”

  1. TheMunster123 says:

    Thank you. I’m fascinated with meditation and the brain.

  2. Leonesse1 says:

    Thank you so much for making this!! I’ve always had trouble kicking back up out of Alpha and lower frequencies (and can be too floaty in Gamma). Some of us need our brains awakened, not relaxed!! I don’t do caffeine because it causes mood swings, so this is a godsend!!

  3. integraleric says:

    Thank you. I’m fascinated with meditation and the brain.

  4. DeepMeditationAudio says:

    Thank you. I’m fascinated with meditation and the brain.

  5. rbmaserang says:

    im having flashbacks to ‘nam im in the jungle theres choppers droppin off more troops, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. were taking fire ahhhhhhhhh im hit! glad thats over. now im a moth flying about a backyard,. checking out stuff. nah im wasting time at the libary. thats all

  6. 723cielo says:

    Beta is the least relaxing brainwave pattern… Fight/flight syndrome is activated here. It’s a stimulant. 

  7. elmismo1966 says:

    Thanks for the correction, I meant headphones, not speakers.

  8. TubeFreakification says:

    Is it just me or does it get faster the more you think about it..?

  9. cpatlynch says:

    isochronic tones or monaural beats, or even the constant beating of a drum in a drum circle are all (in there own form) ways of brain wave entertainment, and all don’t use stereo speakers.
    so instead of us interpreting a steady pulse from the hertz difference coming in both ears (like in binaural beats) they just use a steady pulsating rhythm.
    going back to the drum we notice that often drum circles used a 4.5 hertz pulse, encouraging a theta state relating to calmness/trance.

  10. 7NoeL7 says:


  11. Nouri8885 says:

    This didnt entertain my brain i feel tired after this annoying sound

  12. Zombytronium says:

    This sounds like someone is mowing the lawn next to a waterfall in a forest

  13. mcelroykirk12 says:


  14. elmismo1966 says:

    @BrainwaveMeditation: Newbie question: How can these sounds entrain brainwaves without stereo speakers, that is, with no frequency difference between the sound waves being received by the right ear and the left ear?
    Thanks in advance.

  15. itsAndrogyn says:

    how much frequency is this?

  16. milfballs says:

    and my name is Tom Arnold,

    no really…,

    my name is, well, not going to say on YouTube.

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