Binaural Beats, Intelligence, IQ and Memory Increase – Brainwave Entrainment

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25 Responses to “Binaural Beats, Intelligence, IQ and Memory Increase – Brainwave Entrainment”

  1. ilatev777 says:

    thts nt a washing machine sound……the named it Hz…..:)

  2. Nadine Youssef says:

    Mind is starting to feel numb… Is that normal?

  3. TheLadyindigo87 says:

    my IQ is 99 and increasing

  4. Ben Reynolds says:

    Huh, what? But that’s IMPOSSIBLE

  5. Gwen Gomes says:

    Its still surprise me, how lots of people do not know about Geniuxole System (google it), despite the fact that lots of people get good results because of this intelligence boost program. Thanks to my mate who told me about Geniuxole System, I have increase my IQ of 23 points

  6. SteiniLyrics3000 says:

    My IQ is now over 9000!

  7. Mike E. says:

    My IQ, it’s over 9,000!!!

  8. cristisnliviu2003 says:

    Poor quality probably (causing the washing machine sound)

  9. RidiculouslyJasmine says:

    Most of these isochronic binural beats here on youtube sound like nature or soft sounds and a washing machine.

  10. ant knight says:

    I’m Dr. Eggman, now

  11. TheMillionaireIdeas says:


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  12. StarOceanSora360 says:

    im still higher huhaha

  13. Adolf Hildegarn says:

    myne is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ost sweinen says:

    Your name is Wikipedia

  15. princeofperzia99 says:

    it is unfair for deaf people, how is possible for them to get the same skills if they cant hear?

  16. KoynKtynxy19 says:

    i dink a mi got dem iq point…. i gots me a couple ’em bitches up in here… cuatro intelegentes para a mi.

  17. TheLadyindigo87 says:

    My IQ is 110 and increasing!

  18. Jared Haight says:

    Sounds like the sounds found in nature where I live. Meditation outside probably does morefor mental focus than anything else.

  19. Deep Undernet says:

    Binaural Beats, Intelligence, IQ and Memory Increase – Brainwave Entrainment

  20. Deep Undernet says:

    Binaural Beats, Intelligence, IQ and Memory Increase – Brainwave Entrainment

  21. GuitarGuy057 says:

    IT”S OVER 9000!

  22. Sunil shrestha says:

    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other normal people accomplish it so easily with Trim Fat Maximizer (search for it on google).

  23. teberih fekeremariame wikepdi says:

    I’m happy I can focus

  24. Naru Nari says:

    Take my advice. If you want to remember something better, write it with your left hand.  If stink at doing math on paper, try doing it in your hand. If you are struggling to understand a concept, look at it as though it was your first time looking at it. Listen to the great Richard Feynman, one of the greatest!

  25. Naru Nari says:

    It’s horrible.

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