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Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (0) A Speed Reading Course That Surpasses All Others Taking a speed reading course is something that is of interest to many of us, simply because it would be better to take in more information in a shorter amount of time. This type of reading can not only help you to take in that information, they can help you to retain it for longer as well. Did you realize that the average individual only takes in about 50% of what they read and after only 48 hours, they lose an additional 45%? With the typical speed reading course, you may be able to take in more information but there is still something that is lacking.That is where the Zox Pro reading skills come into play, because they give you so much more than basic speed reading. The average speed reading course will teach you how to read about 1000 words per minute, although most people never achieve that level. It helps you to retain approximately 50% of what you read, but that also means that you are losing 50% of what you read as well. By using Zox Pro, you are able to read a minimum of 25000 words per minute. Along with that, you will retain almost everything that you read in your long-term memory instantly so that they can be recalled at a moments notice. There are other benefits that come from this type of photo reading besides the fact that you are taking in more knowledge and retaining it. It can also assist you with lateral thinking, and you are able to use the knowledge that you are accruing in
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