Boost Your Brain Power in 7 Steps

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Boost Your Brain Power in 7 Steps

Article by Kerry Fielding

Most people at one time or another have had the desire or need to boost their brain power. If you are one of these people, your next brain boost may be only 7 steps away.

These 7 steps will help you boost your brain power.

Step 1 – Regular Exercise

Keeping your body physically fit with a simple walk or jog will benefit your brain. These simple workouts can release endorphins into your body and make you happier. Being happy has a positive effect on the brain.

Step 2 – Dietary Supplements

Natural supplements are known to have a positive affect on the brain. These supplements help keep both your body and your brain healthier. A healthier brain is a more powerful brain.

Step 3 – Regular Use

Not only should you exercise your body, but you should give your brain a workout too. To use your brain muscles more often and keep it in shape, always think and continue to learn. Any activities like reading and writing will keep your brain in shape.

Step 4 – Game Playing

Play games that make you think. Avoid simple games that only require repetitive movements with little brain stimulus. Today even computer and video games are full of strategy and make you think.

Step 5 – Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is required to recharge the brain. A tired brain is a weak brain. It is a common belief among professionals that a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is best for the body and brain. Do not deprive yourself of sleep if at all possible.

Step 6 – Get A Hobby

Start a stimulating hobby. As mentioned earlier with game playing, avoid hobbies that require routine monotonous movements with little to no thought required.

Step 7 – Just Relax

With todays hectic schedules it’s easy to work too hard and too much, depriving the brain of valuable downtime. You can go to the spa for a facial and massage or simply lie in the hammock in the backyard on a nice afternoon. Your brain acts like a computer and needs to be shut down from time to time so it doesn’t over heat.

By following these 7 steps you will not only boost your brain, but improve your overall quality of life as well. This improved quality of life will also boost your brain more.

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