Boost Your Brain Power with these simple technique

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Boost Your Brain Power with these simple technique

Article by jose nicole

Many times its happen we feel tired while working long or if you are student your back hurts and necks from back as well.its my personal experience when i was studying in engineering college,

so we had to put more hours for study and maintain good score in the examination and when i got my engineering degree i first started work as trainee engineer so i had to work long hour because of that my leg and back pain started i presume that those who are reading this article might have been faced same situation as i had gone through .The reason of all that thing is we some time forget that body need rest and along with that brain also need rest so that it work properly.because of that we should take care of our body and mind both

Following technique i have used and it benefited me and i hope if you follow this technique you will definitely benefit from it

1)Exercise: Doing exercise on daily basis our body blood circulation is easy and heart pump the blood in normal manner and with result of that brain works properly because of blood flow smoothly. you can add yoga in your daily exercise routine. Try to do exercise atleast half an hour and after that rest your body for atleast 15 mins then take a shower you will feel refresh your self.

2)change your diet plan: TO maintain a healthy diet is sometime very diffcult in this busy life style.but you control your self then nothing is impossible. i have seen lot of my freind they like food out in restaurant on weekend with thier family but once in a while its ok ,not every time ,so try to eat home cooked food so that you know whats goes in your body and you can control eating according to that food.

In home you can add green vegetables, also eat raw nut,almonds and cashews which is good for brain and free from eating outside

3)Get proper sleep: An average human being needs 7 to 8 hours sleep every night, not more or less than that because if you sleep long hour you might feel tiredness all the time and if you slept less hour , your brain will not work properly.so it is scientificaly proven method a human should sleep in between 7 to 8 hours.

4)Play mind game: while in free time try to play a mind game like crossward,chess , sudoko etc this game challenge your mind to solve the problem quick it is a kind of training so that your mind can take quick decision in real pratical world.

there are bunch of technique to boost brain power but steps given above is helpful and can be use in practical life.

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