brain exercises

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When you make your body do something that you’ve never tried before, it makes new neuro-pathways in your brain. Your brain becomes more flexible (versatile) and you’re on your way to being more healthy, happy and peaceful.
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16 Responses to “brain exercises”

  1. 1149harkari says:

    Monkeys……… lol

  2. dusexp says:

    Are you gone mad or something? this is not a brain exercise. kids ha.

  3. PleaseGoAway1000 says:

    I bet their kids are locked in a cage.

  4. mollybabygirl1 says:

    Don`t know if this exercises the brain. Looks like good exercise for the legs, it looks like you had fun. But then again any exercise is good for the brain. <:-)

  5. sslicker1 says:

    this look like no brain exercise

  6. beserker5 says:

    @GnariusFestivus agreed

  7. GnariusFestivus says:

    @keithmarv you’d evolve into a ninja, I believe

  8. GnariusFestivus says:

    @beserker5 its entertaining

  9. 11martin82 says:

    this is just wrong

  10. beserker5 says:

    anything can create new neuro-pathways – what’s special about this activity ?

  11. martialartsrulez4me says:


  12. CountofMC says:

    Will this make your brain more efficient at doing anything other than walking like an animal?

  13. keithmarv says:

    try that exercise after a month you will have desame IQ as a Monkey.. lol

  14. philwhln says:

    Bizarre way to improve your brain

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