Brain Exercises for a Healthy Mind and Body

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Brain Exercises for a Healthy Mind and Body

Article by Tim Totona

One of the most important initiatives for brain exercises is you need to take out 20 minutes of your time every day at any particular slot. It has to be a time when you feel or can feel fresh, such as right after a long sleep. This is the time where you will be building brain exercises that will increase the amount of oxygen that will go to your brain. During this time, you will have to do something that will help you perform a solitary exercise. You will receive ample time and space to think while you also get some physical exercise so there is oxygen reaching to your blood.Try to seek a place where you can swim, or go for a walk or even do some puzzles like Sudoku or crosswords. If those ideas are not close to your taste, then seek something that will include some activity like cooking or playing outdoor games with your friend. Bringing someone along for social interaction greatly improves interest and incentive for activity. When you will take out this much time for yourself, you will be automatically performing brain exercises that will make your days far easier than they were.If your brain were a computer, you’d be able to hit a few buttons and recall your memory or install an upgrade instantly; unfortunately, your mind doesn’t work that way. It will take a little more than the click of a mouse to improve your memory and boost your brain power. Thankfully, the work involved is not rocket science and you can implement it into your daily life easily enough. There are many brain exercises to improve memory that you can perform that will give you the boost you need, and keep your mind active and healthy.• Logic problems: There are a variety of puzzle books that contain these types of problems. They will get you thinking and improve your cognitive ability.• Memory games: There are dozens of games you could play that will test your memory. You could find games online or just find things around the house to use. Try making lists of things and then see if you can remember what you wrote. You can even use a deck of cards or pictures out of a magazine to make up some games of your own.• “I SPY” books: These books can keep you entertained for hours. Not only are they fun, but you can challenge yourself to find the images in the fastest time possible. This can become a game to include in your family fun night. There is also an online version that you can play.• Learn a new skill: Take a cooking class, or learn a new language. Challenge yourself by constantly learning new things.• Get some exercise: Physical exercise can help boost your brain and improve your memory. Try for at least 20 minutes each day, even if it’s just for a walk around the block after dinner.• Puzzles: Crosswords, Sudoku and other brain teasers will get your thinking cap on. The daily paper usually has at least one of these puzzles included in the comics section. Some papers will increase the difficulty each day.• Read a mystery: Try and solve the mystery or identify the murderer before you get to the end.

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