Brain Power 2 of 6

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Brain Power

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25 Responses to “Brain Power 2 of 6”

  1. shobyms says:

    inedia debunks all what you see here in this video

  2. mistertween says:

    I am REALLY facinated about a thing: What if my mom or my dad married with another (man/woman) and they decided to get kids, would I be that too and would i be different from what i am now… or would I be born in another family? I believe i am (my soul) who I am and it cannot be changed at all. I think its interesting stuff

  3. sayeedrehan says:

    4:32 HITLERRR!!

  4. KaxiLaxi says:

    damn nature you are scary!!

  5. kelborn24 says:

    @Broooop hahaha, she WAS hot 😛

  6. kelborn24 says:

    @mclovin12ish You are dumb.

  7. Klymenos12 says:

    @mclovin12ish that is hilarious…its not so bad though i watch this and nobody forces me 🙂

  8. miffoo123 says:

    awesome 🙂

  9. mclovin12ish says:

    i hate my dad he forced me too watch this cuz he thinks im dumb when i get good grades

  10. Broooop says:

    Five bucks says my cerebral activity monitor would blow up if that chick eating a burger would kiss me, I seriously doubt the burger itself could do that.

  11. DangerD205 says:

    Thumbs up if you want youtube to remove the THUMBS feature.

  12. isobodari1 says:

    human can survive 2 veeks with out food depending how fat bastard is

  13. Cristy123344 says:

    Thankyou for uploading!!! 😉

  14. Cristy123344 says:

    @snapedubitch Lol I am right now too!!! XD

  15. slier81 says:

    im gonna eat chilli pepper 4 my daily routine

  16. Salien1999 says:

    @spartan1010101 I thought the same thing, except it was for colors.

  17. shaz0077 says:

    Awesome. Love this show.

  18. snapedubitch says:

    I am eating right now 😀


    yeah fuck that, if i got to kiss a hot asian girl like elly tran, i guarantee you itll give me more pleasure than some fuckin chocolate

  20. kcamp111060 says:

    wait, so is he saying that that guy’s mouth isnt burning while eating a chili pepper? i never really ate one. so idk how it is. but i dont get it, its really hot right? haha

  21. toy741life says:

    @spartan1010101 i belive we all taste diffrently, but commonly our tounges like it same.

  22. Reaper87xx says:

    @spartan1010101 Interesting thought. Brings up “interpretation” of what we want.

  23. Salien1999 says:

    “… and store nutrients for survival.”
    What happened to hiding our food under-ground and finding it a plant later on?

  24. Salien1999 says:

    @Athrunwong It causes a joy chemical inside you, that’s why. If you turn into a junky, yes, stupid decision, but if you eat it every once in a while, it’s okay.

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