Brain Power Makes A Strong Nation

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Brain Power Makes A Strong Nation

Article by melvin polatnick

Talent scouts are constantly searching college campuses for athletic talent. They have the expertise to understand who is potentially great. Becoming a winning team depends not only its athletes but on those who have recruited them.American companies also have talent scouts. But they are not looking for future sports stars only students that possess the brains to enrich their company. This search is not limited to the United States but it takes place worldwide.Immigrants run nearly a quarter of Silicon Valley’s high-tech firms. Eight of the 11 Americans who shared Nobel prizes in physics and chemistry in the past three years were born elsewhere. Nearly 40 percent of MIT graduate students are from abroad. More than half of all PhDs working here are foreign-born, as are 45 percent of physicists, computer scientists and mathematicians.Due to the importation of the worlds best minds the United States possesses an intellectual capability that will never be surpassed. No country can compete with its brain power. Even if we enter into the severest depression this countries research and development talents will restore the economyNew product design and development is a crucial factor in the survival of a nation. In a world that is quickly changing, firms must continually revise their design and range of products. This is necessary due to continuous technology change and development as well as other competitors and the changing preference of customers. A system driven by marketing is one that puts the customer needs first, and only produces goods that are known to sell. Market research is carried out, which establishes what is needed. If the development is technology driven then it is a matter of selling what it is possible to make. The product range is developed so that production processes are as efficient as possible and the products are technically superior, hence possessing a natural advantage in the market place.R&D has a special economic significance apart from its conventional association with scientific and technological development. R&D investment generally reflects a government’s or organization’s willingness to forego current operations or profit to improve future performance or returns, and its abilities to conduct research and development. Our congress must make sure they allocate enough money in the budget to cover its costs.There are those that claim that the United States is just a paper tiger and that it is without any foundation. But they are blind to this countries real foundation and that is its tremendous brain power. No country in this high tech age can become a first world nation without this talent. The scouts that searched the world to bring back geniuses to this country deserve our praise. We would never have developed our superior weapons program without the brains of the German scientists that were imported into this country. Wernher von Braun was the most famous of them. It was not only our military might that helped turn the United States into the strongest nation in the world, but the expertise of its talent scouts.melpol

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