Brain Power Memory: How to Maximize its Full Potential

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Brain Power Memory: How to Maximize its Full Potential

Article by Ewin Chia

There are a few lucky ones bestowed with supernatural brain power memory – an amazing ability to memorize information at an extraordinary rate, sometimes even be able to memorize entire books after only reading it for a few hours. You can imagine how easily they can ace a test and graduate through high school and college, for memorization is no problem to them.

Majority of us, however, have problems with memorization and attentiveness. School can spell torture and most of us are easily distracted especially when studying a boring subject. Plus, wouldn’t it be great if you no longer have to forget a friend’s birthday, or misplace your car keys or forget someone’s name? The good news is, improving brain power memory is not that hard. You don’t need to have superior IQ or great concentration skills to improve your memory. There are a handful of methods, tips and techniques you can do to improve your memory.

Firstly, be aware of the different memorization techniques and know which technique you are most comfortable with. Mnemonics is an old age memorization tool. Mnemonics utilize a rhyme or tune to make hard things easier to remember. Try visualizing the whole picture to make information easier to memorize. Visual information is relatively easier to remember than words or figures. Try creating a story and make vivid descriptions. Be creative, use your good sense of humor. You can really go crazy about an idea. The main idea is really to make previously foreign or unknown information more familiar to you, making it easier to remember.

Try playing memory games like story telling, matching pairs, jigsaw puzzles and trivia quizzes. These games make learning and memorizing more fun than it actually is! The story telling technique enables you to embed information into your long term facility by connecting one data to another. You can do this with a group.

The matching pairs method is fun game of matching pairs of cards or tiles. Turn a card over at a time, look at the image and take note of it, afterwards turn it face down once more. Repeat this process again and again until you turn over a card that matches a previous card you turned over previously. As you matched the pair, remove them from the group. Repeat until all the pairs are now matched. Time yourself and see how fast you can match pairs.

Try playing jigsaw puzzles, but don’t refer to the complete picture! Look at the complete picture prior to starting your game, try your best to commit the picture to you memory. Work the whole picture without even looking at the picture again, only until you’re done.

Lastly, trivia quizzes are a great game to improve your memory and add new information to your general trivia bank. This can be about movies, history, music or any topic that flatters your fancy.These are a few techniques to improve your brain power memory. Most importantly always remember that practice is key to improving your memory.

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