Brain Power short Film (Theme song by Freezepop)

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Short film i made with my friends at Digital Media Academy! Produced and edited in under 80 hours, so it was sort of like a 72 hour film festival. Coment and whatever your heart desires! Credit to… Digital Media Academy Dylan Ames Jarren Quan Kimberly Raznatovich Travis…. S Evan Bright Final Cut Pro Live Type Freezepop (for their song Brain Power) and everyone else that made this movie possible!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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3 Responses to “Brain Power short Film (Theme song by Freezepop)”

  1. Amykinz1MusicFreak says:

    haha i know someone´╗┐ named dylan ames but its a different person…weird

  2. LiQorishh says:

    =__=´╗┐ arghghhghghghgghh p

  3. leeshakapeesha10 says:

    yeaaaaah!´╗┐ go heather!

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