Brain Training Through Memory Games

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Brain Training Through Memory Games

Article by Thomas Manno

Brain training is a phenomenon that very few people know about. Research has proven that just like any other form of training can be done to improve one’s ability to do certain functions like singing, running, writing or even playing a musical instrument. The brain can be trained to think faster, have better memory and ability to pay attention for longer. The idea of increasing mental Health has been put to research. Several experiments have been done over time; the findings are that it is very possible to change the way the brain processes information it receives through the sensory organs, how efficiently it filters out important information and discards what it does not need.

A brain training can be done in several ways, depending on ones area of interest. The kind of training varies with individuals and the part of the brain they want to build up. For many, memory is usually the most important part of the brain processes, this is because it’s in memory that our character, which we are is stored. Without memory, it would be impossible to even graduate from the lowest level of education since no one would remember what they’ve learned.

A brain training exercises for improving memory can involve a number of activities; one of theme is learning something new everyday. A foreign language forms excellent brain training material. Reading and keeping the new foreign language in the memory part of the brain boost the brain and results in increased brain fitness. Learning how to play an instrument not only activates the memory part of the brain but also increases brain placate this is the ability of the brain to adopt itself to accommodate new skill.

Brain plasticy helps the brain more dynamic and able to easily adapt to new situations. This also helps in maintaining mental health since the brain is more equipped to handle ever-changing situations, this can be quite handy in managing stressful situations.

Taking a memory quiz can help one assess brain fitness and determine how successful the brain training exercise is. After doing something fro a long period f time, the brain begins to make decisions based on memory rather than coming up with instantaneous decisions, this is the reason most people are able to multi-task after only after doing something over and over again till they no longer need to engage the whole brain. Memory games helps engage the brain and keeps the brain active as required for mental health.

We can all take simple brain training steps when doing simple tasks such as changing the way we do thing every morning, taking a totally different rout to work or even using a non- dominant hand to eat or write. This has the action of engaging the parts of the brain that often exhibit low activity. Above all brain fitness not only helps increase mental health or mental ability but can also prevent the risks of mental illnesses and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s a brain condition cause by Dementia, which is as a result of low brain activity.

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