BrainIgnite Neuro Technology – The Ultimate Life Igniter

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Your brain is a muscle, and with activation & training, science has proven it can grow in strength & performance. By flexing your cortex, you will be able to trigger remarkable enhancements in the following areas. – Memory – Acuity -Stamina -Attentiveness -Brain power -IQ -Comprehension -Retention -Analysis -Combat ADHD -Focus Troubles

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8 Responses to “BrainIgnite Neuro Technology – The Ultimate Life Igniter”

  1. 13107879 says:

    There is no technology that can make anyone smart or a genius. Brainwave entrainment manipulates the state of the brain to focus on an task ahead e.g. Alpha state, as it a relaxed state perfect for concentration and memory. If u study a difficult module, sometimes ur brain can’t react to concentration, then u force to study making it impossible to achieve required results. By meditating using brainwave, it balances ur thoughts for concentration, not making u smarter. Try NP3 for trial

  2. Joshua Nicholls says:

    The science behind this is real. Isochronic tones cause brainwave entrainment which is a real phenomenon, however, many companies use pseudoscience and make boastful claims which, in my point of view, seem a little too good to be true. However, I did buy one of iMusic’s CDs, it was ZenMeditate, and I have to tell you, it works surprisingly well.

    But, nonetheless anything claiming to make you smarter is pseudoscience marketing.

  3. memreh says:

    changes the outcome of the experiment from what it would have otherwise been.

  4. memreh says:

    I definitely agree w/you that this technology works, but your description of the placebo effect isn’t quite right. What you’ve described is suggestion, which can be related to placebos but isn’t the same thing. The placebo effect doesn’t require someone making you think (suggesting) something. All that’s required is that you believe something to be true or want it to be true, and that affects and/or skews your perception of the results of an experiment, and that in turn

  5. 1981z28camaro says:

    I can tell you a similar technology called “Binaural Beats” really does work, and when I first started listening to it, I had no idea what the effects would be, but then I would fall asleep pretty much instantly and wake up feeling refreshed, needing 2 hours less sleep…

    and it isn’t a placebo effect, because I didn’t know what the result would be, a placebo effect is when someone makes you think something, and then your mind creates it, based on a belief of what they say is true.

  6. 1981z28camaro says:

    The reason why it’s not accepted by major academic institutions is because they have chosen not to study or teach it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work tho.

    There have been many subjects pursued by renowned scientists that have turned out to be totally incorrect, and on the other hand there have been subjects that have been laughed at, but then later widely accepted as fact.

    maybe they are just focusing on other things, they can’t study EVERYTHING at once.

  7. luthmhor says:

    Oh and the brain isnt a muscle, it has no contractile tissue. If this program was legitimate it would be all over the news and everyone would have heard about it. Every academic institution in the world would be jumping all over it. Since this is not the case, the program is quite obviously fake. All it takes is the smallest scrutiny to realize how ridiculous this is.

  8. luthmhor says:


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