Can Thinking About Sex Improve Your Memory?!

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Dirty thoughts aren’t just for fun. They can actually help improve your memory, if you do it right. Here’s how to use a few naughty thoughts to study for you…

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25 Responses to “Can Thinking About Sex Improve Your Memory?!”

  1. JustApproach says:

    Think of a number. Double it. Add six. Divide it by 2. Subtract it from the
    number you started with. Your answers is 3.



    Hannah seems like that type of girl that just jumps from dude to dude

  3. Sam Baddeley says:

    Hannah joining in with the naughty jokes…love it! haha
    And I’m looking at Brett and seeing a guy really trying to hold back from
    being too rude on camera.

    Also John, we all know full well why you were off camera for this one, I’m
    the same, that would have been too good an opportunity not to let loose
    with the funnies.

  4. Chrissy Hammerer says:

    I am relatively convinced that using your head for THINKING can generally
    improve things 😉 

  5. Baloo Dumptruck says:

    thinking about gay sex has helped me alot

  6. MsAquamonkey says:

    Alright, I will go ahead and say it:

    Brett is hilarious. :-D

  7. TheBadAssNcrRanger says:


    Now I’ll remember this video.

  8. Lord Stronghold says:

    Yes I I plan to use this tack-dick Hannah. I really do.

  9. XxShikas_TRI64xX says:

    That explains how my grades were good all the time…

  10. UTG JustABitAgroed says:

    Brett is bae! Thanks for having him on!

  11. Zaxaroula1 says:

    Jee, if you need to think about sex to remember someone’s name, that
    concludes you care about no one. 

  12. rokstarsrfr says:

    Hannah =

  13. Sasset Gingerelli says:

    What would you do to remember the name Lucy? Or Pearl? Hmm

  14. lmetcalf11 says:

    We had to memorize the needle gages in my vet tech classes and a girl told
    me “Really Big Penises Give Great Orgasisms” Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Grey,
    Orange. It caught me so off guard that I have never had any trouble
    remembering it.

  15. valentin4155 says:

    i think we all did when u arrived at tyt. ur so attractive and those
    boobs…………..man they look so soft and round.

  16. Lingfei Huang says:

    I feel like i’m one of those special blessed ppl xD if something/someone is
    important i will remember

  17. Mille Jaque says:

    in med shcool we lern a lot of dirty verses, to help us remember e.g. the
    bones in the hand or the order of nerves and vessels in the leg

  18. LJ Sobers says:

    John looks different but I can’t quite put my finger on it. 

  19. D0TperiodD0T says:

    When Brett said penis at the end and stared into the camera I stared into
    his eyes and smiled with him.

  20. Simen Sperman says:

    I now have an excuse for having a boner in class. Yep this is pretty much
    what I’ll take out of this.

  21. Hewfniewfn Q says:

    What’s John yelling in the background?

  22. 1984skyla says:

    If this was true.. I’d be a flippen genius lol

  23. Trollskald says:

    The best way to remember something is by making it rhyme.

  24. Wake nBake says:

    50Tth view! Ha jk. Great video tho, guys

  25. Yozic Alvarez says:

    Everyone leave Hannah alone, she’s too hot to be bothered. 

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