Castle – Memorization Tricks and Teamwork on Set (Paley Center, 2010)

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A Fan asks the cast of Castle how they memorize their lines for each episode. Executive Producer Rob Bowman applauds the cast for their amazing teamwork on set.
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14 Responses to “Castle – Memorization Tricks and Teamwork on Set (Paley Center, 2010)”

  1. mimimiumiu006 says:

    i swear even the other cast member know they should be together… just sayin’

  2. n6933882 says:

    If you look she isn’t going to hold his hand, she is picking fluff off of her pants and dropping on the ground. You can clearly see her fingers pinch and release stuff. Not trying to put a downer on it. They are flirty and thats great, but I think you are seeing things that aren’t there….

  3. Léa ROUGIER says:

    one the best cast ^^

  4. Cipciopciup9 says:

    The moment between 1:02 and 1:08—–>
    ‘I wanna grab his hand..wait,we’re in public..who cares,i can grab his hand like a friend..mmm,no no,we are in public..did anyone notice that?…mmm..probably not..i hope..mmm..just smile Stana,just smile’
    STANATHAN <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. MsTutolo says:

    He says: “…a piece of paper I’ve glued to the ceiling, with my line written on it. You’ll notice Stana carries a folder a lot” —– se ho colto bene il senso intende dire che si porta dietro questo raccoglitore con tutte le battute scritte all’interno…

  6. marysub91 says:

    Anyone can you tell me what Nathan tells to Stana? I don’t understand very well. I’m italian and my english it’s not good enough to understand what they say to each others. Thank you….

  7. jarvais56 says:

    oh my god i love this woman. SHE’S ADORABLE AEUDA;SFWASDFAH;

  8. airamamleh says:

    Stanathan <3

  9. corrakun says:

    omg, she’s so cute and embarrassed LOLOL

  10. xXxbreezy202xXx says:

    Wait what when?

  11. smileyfan16 says:

    I thought the very same thing

  12. ILLLIKECASTLe says:

    She was totally grabbing his hand but then realised: O damn we can’t do that here, we’re in public.. LOL

  13. usernameisapain says:

    I watched all the clips from Paley center, and I’m like I still miss the ‘end of the interview clip’ but I’m certain that there isn’t anymore clips, then the interviewer says, I promised to get them home early, coincidence of the day ~~

  14. Deadmansparty2002 says:

    Cool stuff. 🙂

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