Chemistry: Naming of Molecules: How to memorize in 30 min

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) for the FULL FREE video! Take the MidnightTutor challenge to have a naming error free year in chemistry! Learn all of the elements, valences, and functional groups in 30 min or less.

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25 Responses to “Chemistry: Naming of Molecules: How to memorize in 30 min”

  1. ramirezharrier says:

    lol its only 10:01

  2. itseleniie says:

    He could totally win a staring contest..

  3. Ameliadams says:

    @willhelm87miles i thought it was chocolate too for a while

  4. Stashdaddy69 says:

    @personwhosnowboards word.

  5. soopa123 says:

    why are these ions and not compunds?

  6. jessythec18 says:

    Anyone else notice he doesn’t blink?!

  7. gopuishere says:

    its not sulfate…its sulphate….

  8. jonathan3979701 says:

    he look’s like a physical education teacher and like all P.E teacher’s ,look retarded as fuck.

  9. MsssSmith says:

    naaah hes not that hot..

  10. kaw2007 says:

    He is hot, not smart. Technique to memorize it? Gosh!

  11. Dannyyerushalayim says:

    You are HOT… lol

  12. RoseThePhoenix says:

    Sure beats staring hopelessly at my list of polyatomics. Thanks a bunch!

  13. kennethwilder says:

    douche fuck

  14. 2408840 says:

    This dude is the DUDE!!!

  15. NickRoeder says:

    @Nrisagieri Dude, pause button.

  16. langel22 says:

    I’d hit it

  17. boblee666 says:

    @mikooou lol i like ur methods! fail

  18. boblee666 says:

    suck it up bro. :O but i dont want to suck

  19. mikooou says:

    I just write this shit on a gum wrapper and midway through the test I get a sweet tooth 🙂

  20. Nrisagieri says:

    you don’t give us enough time to copy everything! you only give us a few seconds. 🙁

  21. abcxyzy8123h says:

    thanks so much!!!!!!!! 🙂 hopefully i do well on the test on these the day after tomorrow 🙁

  22. hpprss says:

    love the little half smile at the end but thanks 🙂

  23. Jexclusive1117 says:

    7 ppl failed their test

  24. afsy1 says:

    he looks like john cina llol instead of chemistry teacher but its good he choose chemistry instead of WWE

  25. GBaBy5149 says:

    thanks for the tips you really helped =)

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