Code Geass – CC Amnesia (All Scenes ~ English Dub)

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything, nor am I affiliated with anyone. This is an album of scenes taken from Code Geass R2 (English Dubbed). They feature CC when her memory was lost, and she remembers only the memories before the power of Geass came. I’ve also included some scenes which some people may question as being irrelevant and unnecessary; but I felt that they added to the effect I was presenting. I hope it comes out in HD/HQ as I planned, but if for some reason it doesn’t: I apologise. Thanks for watching.
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25 Responses to “Code Geass – CC Amnesia (All Scenes ~ English Dub)”

  1. IEATFOOOOD says:

    Dammit, C.C. is just WAY too adorable like this!

  2. TheSadRunescaper says:

    It looks like it has “pigs in a blanket” for a crust so….Pizza?

  3. DjScudMissile says:

    C.C. I can drive monster trucks,program in C++ ..,

  4. inuyashago96 says:

    I want some Dominos pizza now -.-

  5. MegaSesshomarulover says:

    lol to CC

  6. Osiris2994 says:

    “Like a Bird” is the songs name

  7. BozoDoMalByRafael says:

    5:49 anyone have the link of this music?

  8. spikegilfer1997 says:

    not a wedding ring stop thinking like that silly C.C later

  9. spikegilfer1997 says:

    Do not “Watch” C2 eating pizza with eyes closed

  10. freakinghostboy says:

    it breaks my heart everytime when she says “i can read a little and count to twenty” and the stuff in that area it’s just so cute

  11. lov3Ki says:

    at 3:02
    I dont even know what that is!

  12. Rukiakittycat2 says:

    oh itchigo!!! y u sounds so sexy!! XD even as Lalouch

  13. RaiskCast says:

    Kawaii <3.

  14. SuperSparrow45 says:

    STUFFED CRUST KING KAI! You can eat it in reverse!

  15. galalexandra9 says:

    whats wrong with you i don’t know about your taste but i’m really glad he stopped her. 

  16. Ahfjo says:

    8:00 Lol, please take off your clothes. XD

  17. stupidjeloinc says:

    Now i feel like rewatching this seriese……. XD

  18. TaishoAce1001 says:

    Who here agrees that amnesia CC is just the best?

  19. Ribbonsandbows575 says:

    Ok……now I don’t really like lelouch anymore

  20. stormee doe says:

    pore pore thing

  21. MrsDamonSalvatore98 says:

    I like the english subbed better 😛
    Lelouch’s voice is much better in Japanese

  22. RoxyStar05 says:

    at first i was like… huhhhh???, then i was Dafuq? he crazy!

  23. ellnats says:

    C.C is so damn cute

  24. ndog264 says:

    Lelouch has got the one girl in the world he CANNOT control with geass that is actually following his every order for a limited time… well i know what i would do! Kallen, C.C, Cornellia HAREM BABY OH YEAH!!

  25. punisher31024 says:

    2:21 cheesy bite pizza

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