Computer Help – Increase your page file size and virtual memory

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http://www.tips4pc.com Computer Help and computer tips. Change your page file size in Windows Seven, vista and XP. Computer help to solve the error “not enou…
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6 Responses to “Computer Help – Increase your page file size and virtual memory”

  1. Ahmad Ali says:

    lol, You have more subscribers than the views in this video!!

  2. TheChaselight says:

    Thanks laudie I’de hump a bulmapcana for you dear.

  3. matija461 says:

    @assasinkill2 start type”run” entertype”dxdiag you ‘ll see near the
    bottom of the window “page file”

  4. assasinkill2 says:

    How do you know if it worked or not..?


    your processes go faster

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