COMPUTEX 2011 – CORSAIR Unveils New Cases and Memory Kits an SSD Plus Two H20 Solutions

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FULL REPORT: – CORSAIR was VERY busy at this year’s COMPUTEX. Robert Pearce takes us through their power supply updates to the HX1050 and AX650 as well as a look at two new price point cases at around 0 US called the 500R and 400R from the Carbide Series. Both will be available around July. Also shown off is new low profile Vengeance memory kits at 1.35 volts and a new low CAS latency Vengeance kit at CL7. Also on deck is the new Force GT SSD and two new H20 cooling systems which include the H80 and H100. Follow Us On Twitter: Like Us On Facebook: Don’t forget to Subscribe, Rate and Comment!
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25 Responses to “COMPUTEX 2011 – CORSAIR Unveils New Cases and Memory Kits an SSD Plus Two H20 Solutions”

  1. rb26capri says:

    i have a cx500 and it works great and does not even get hot .. great stuff

  2. SexyToshi says:


  3. tunnelneverends says:

    Isn’t it retarded that the video isn’t even about the girl and yet there are lots of comments about the girl rather than the products themselves.

  4. MyAAEProjects says:

    What the hell i didn’t see any girl … just awesome PC hardware

  5. nousername21 says:

    He sounds like he is choking on a cock…

  6. hqqed says:

    tramp – ‘opens her legs for anyone, except for u’
    slut – ‘opens her legs for anyone including u’
    i will label her as slutty just in case 😉

  7. crazy88boss says:

    Will there be a how-to video on how to mount her to my hard drive?

  8. WarLizardForums says:

    when she held up the ram for some reason ifelt like she was gonna bite it 0-o

  9. DralnuduLouvre says:

    @Teamkillingyourmam Nice company nonetheless.. LOL

  10. MrNightwings74 says:

    @Jinto117 whats wrong with being trampy??? maybe you like guys…

  11. MrNightwings74 says:

    I’ll take the 500r if the asian girl is included. What a dream : )

  12. Teamkillingyourmam says:

    Why do Corsair of all companies have a girl that smiles in their video?

    I thought they where the “qualityfirst-guys” and not the “hey, lets have a nice girl to show our products so that we will beat “Intel” -.-

  13. LancegladsFTW says:

    is it just me or does that guy fail as a representative of corsair branded products?

  14. zubairgu says:

    wow!!nice super offer!!!!! get a free girl with computer.

  15. hedgehog1965uk says:

    I love PCs (especially Corsair products) and I love beautiful Asian girls, but I don’t want them mixed together (unless the girl is actually a hardware expert). Do Corsair not have enough faith in their products to allow them to sell themselves, rather than blatantly resorting to sex to sell them? I just feel like I am being manipulated, and what do you think straight female and gay male PC enthusiasts think about the girl?

  16. MBisFrenchy says:

    Looks like they took they HAF 922 and modified it and updated it!

  17. ACABB1 says:

    nice girls 🙂

  18. 111olbap says:

    @thedingdoeatyourbaby MMm. Computer nice. Girl nice too. I can afford computer. Maybe if I get ocmputer I can have girl too?

  19. fight360uk says:

    whaou the girl ^^

  20. pn0yb0iProductions says:

    Is it so damn hard to hold a stick of ram correctly?

  21. MaxxG0 says:

    Lmao fire that stupid girl!

  22. CapSkippy says:

    anyone else find it gross how the skinny asian chick was caressing the case? i sure did.

  23. elalis says:


    Bro, if you buy these products, she will love you long time.

  24. SkinnyPixel says:

    I think the girl is AWESOME!!!

  25. vangbox says:

    That girl ruined what ever he was trying to explain here. If she doesn’t explain anything here then leave her out of the video.

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