Corsair 1200AX 80 PLUS Gold Single Rail Gaming Power Supply Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (24) The grand-daddy of all Corsair power supplies. 100A on a single 12V rail. Kids, can you say “holy hamburgers”??
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24 Responses to “Corsair 1200AX 80 PLUS Gold Single Rail Gaming Power Supply Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips”

  1. blingblingbling420 says:

    I prefer the XFX 1250 to this.

  2. TorontoPL says:

    Does this PSU fan pulls fresh air into the components or push out hot air from it?

  3. NeedlesKaneX says:

    cat appears at 3:09

  4. FireBoltz11 says:

    HOlY HAMBURGERS!!!!!!!

  5. MarkiiGaming says:


  6. fl0pes says:

    its so cool when cat appears

  7. akhilfastgamer says:

    please test siverstone straider 1500w and thermaltech 1500watts …..

  8. seroyer2 says:

    treat it like a cat.

  9. seroyer2 says:

    My AX 850’s fan almost never comes on, I am running one 560 ti on it, never hear it. my liquid cooler is the loudest thing, and its really not that loud. 

  10. georgi5000 says:

    I love that cat 😀 😀 

  11. Jackal40k says:

    @Jackal40k The fact that I am a top rated comment just goes to show you that its not just me that wants you to do an unboxing review of the cat. REVIEW THE CAT PLEASE.

  12. wwyk1993 says:

    @Jackal40k They’re both Bengals from the same litter.

  13. JackDixy says:

    @Ri1seAgainst i can assure you that i made sure everything was plugged in correctly in the correct areas, nothing was skipped and nothing was missed. I’ve taken a brean from psu for now.

  14. Ri1seAgainst says:

    @JackDixy you probably tried to turn it on without plugging it into a computer or bridging the green and black wires

  15. zomgwtfbbqbagel says:

    @JackDixy Your luck is horrible lol.

  16. artsyspot69 says:

    @matthewrs7 The Ax is one class higher than the Hx series. So nope the hx arnt as good as the ax

  17. matthewrs7 says:

    What’s the difference between AX and HX Corsair PSUs?
    I got the HX 1050 but didn’t see any the AX, are they simply older models?

  18. TheObsidianPaladin says:

    @MrMikeydude10 then what’s the Kidney?

  19. megaanshulgupta says:

    @MrMikeydude10 So now we will have “overclocked” brains and eyes and even short term memory using high end liquid cooling…………….

  20. xG4m3rJ4m3z says:

    @Jackal40k I think it’s a Bengal. They’re around $500. 🙂 

  21. ThePlayman555 says:

    like your cat linus 😀

  22. JackDixy says:

    Bought a 850 watt one and was doa, then bought another one but upgraded to 1200 and was still doa…

  23. jacekantoine says:

    @Jackal40k You sound like a ranting idiot.

  24. Jackal40k says:

    @jacekantoine You sound like an insanely jealous poor person. How about you worry less about what other people spend their hard earned cash on and worry about yourself. I’m sure there are people out there that find the internet and a computer to be a monumental waste of money so get off your high horse kid.

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