Corsair TX650 650W Power Supply Unboxing & First Look & Gaming Buyer's Guide Linus Tech Tips

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www.ncix.com This is where I would start if you’re looking for a decent wattage, good quality gaming power supply.

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25 Responses to “Corsair TX650 650W Power Supply Unboxing & First Look & Gaming Buyer's Guide Linus Tech Tips”

  1. fkwk2y says:

    more enough including sandy-e and oc ,

  2. fkwk2y says:

    don t talking shit when you know nothing noob

  3. Lorenzo763 says:

    that computer is ATX, so it should. the only prob is the PSU fan will face down.

  4. mario6818 says:

    Will this PSU fit in my Inspiron 620?

  5. esraretin says:

    thank u! but i got a vita yesterday ,a cheap notebook will work fine for me:)

  6. DrDanLOL says:

    M is modular and will fit 6850 cfx

  7. esraretin says:

    man i need ur help. i found a tx650M (notice ”M”) i cant find any info if it fits ati crossfirex2 ati 6850 etc…checked out amd site but there only info is about tx650w and tx650 v2.Whts the difference between M and V2 ?

  8. MarabouV3 says:

    Is this good now?

  9. snellejelle107 says:

    Thx men1

  10. EpicGamesBro says:

    Very nice vid, thank you 🙂

  11. SBSClanHD says:

    i just have a question, does it have long Wires?, cus in the XFX XXX 650W Powersupply doesnt have Long wires enough it doesnt support full tower, so i dont want to make a Mistake

    Again Does this supply Support Long wires, i dont want short cus im buying a full tower..

    please reply!

  12. BradKnowsBest says:

    i reccomend a 750 & up

  13. FERTUHG says:

    i have this

  14. desect2 says:

    is this psu enough for a i5 2500k and a gtx580?

  15. MrJonahRambo says:

    oh haha that makes sense. ive had that problem before

  16. milkymilkway says:

    lol I found but looked for hours it was with the 8 pin I just had to split the two! It’s just I’ve never had that situation…

  17. MrJonahRambo says:

    well, youre fucked.

  18. milkymilkway says:

    mine didnt come with the 4 pin connector that goes at the top of the motherboard!! I tried just hooking up the graphics card but no image and I build pcs???

  19. junk11111111 says:

    Borrowing this quote from a review on the TX650 model: “You have to use a paperclip, jumping the green wire with any black wire, to make the fan on the psu power up. look it up on you tube, or go to corsair’s website for further instructions.”

    hope this helps

  20. jjgamepro16 says:

    I have the Power Supply and I just realized that the fan is NOT running. There is a PWR Fan port on the motherboard thats got 3 pins. I don’t see any 3 pin connector on this power supply. What should I do?

  21. TheGerild says:


  22. GangXtaZz says:

    is this psu powerful enough for this build? if not can you recommend other in the same price range.. ? 😀
    i5 2500k
    evga gtx570
    corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz

  23. Olaipai says:

    I got a 850w version. Running dual MSI Radeon HD 6950 Twin Frozer III GPUS It’s smooth

  24. northmahri says:

    Well the modular PSUs are better if you want to have just the needed cables in your case. For example, if your case hasn’t got cable management, then it’s a pretty good deal.It’s depends on the fans position and on the airflow. BUT you have to read a lot’s of reviews and then choose one, because there are a tons of shit modular PSUs, and that’s why the bias. And you have to be careful when installing a modular PSU. It’s not for beginners. I bought not modPSU, cos i have cable management.

  25. a1rs0ftman says:

    exactly, hehe 🙂 by the way, do you prefer modular cabling when talking about PSUs? i heard some pros and cons, dont really understand the cons though.

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