Corsair Video FAQ: How to test a Corsair power supply

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Jeff Checchi shows you how to test a Corsair power supply without installing it in a system. For more information about our power supplies, visit
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25 Responses to “Corsair Video FAQ: How to test a Corsair power supply”

  1. TheOldalf says:

    after you done that try touching the paper thingy that u used, if you get shocked, don’t blame me

  2. dmxdex says:

    would a staple work?

  3. JaiLaAus says:

    Just tried this on my Viper 1000w psu and it worked great. Was able to power up all my case fans and fan controller. Thank you!

  4. oOElTigreOo says:

    @MrKontrol90 Nothing…it’s grounded just like your body. Sorry I know this was two months ago, lol. Even if you just place in the green wire and not ground it to the black wire you still wont get any results because your body is grounded and you also wont get a reading on your meter because the circuit isn’t complete.

  5. HoShiiJii says:

    Well this at least let me know my PSU isn’t fried.

    Still no idea what is up though.

  6. ScytheNoire says:

    Except your AX series has all black wires.

  7. cigarjohn42 says:

    Excellant. It worked perfectly with my Antec HCP-1200. Great video. Thank you.

  8. Xpert30 says:

    You didn’t invent America, dude, cuz this check is applicable to all PSUs not Corsair PSU only.

  9. supersurfer888 says:

    are you fucking kidding me?!

  10. dbddbddbz says:

    this looks dangerous as fuck.

  11. omartechgeek2011 says:


  12. MrKontrol90 says:

    @zippypop34 lol i`ll try 🙂

  13. zippypop34 says:

    @MrKontrol90 touch it with your tongue

  14. MrKontrol90 says:

    what hapens if you touch the clip when the power is on ?

  15. 00Docholiday says:

    Just tested this with my hx1050 and one case fan and both spun once and died. Does this mean it’s facked?

  16. shadowdestroy61 says:


  17. HolyGigi says:

    @Cliffrison  sadly you are just full of shit

  18. Tony2438 says:


  19. Cliffrison says:

    I touched the paper clip after I switched on my power supply and I died 🙁

  20. omartechgeek2011 says:

    introduction song????

  21. jewie27 says:

    Insert paperclip into wall socket lol

  22. WILK0777 says:

    @MJBDC7 Use the ATX pinout (noting the shape of the plastic surrounding the pins to determine orientation) to find the PS_on pin.
    You can find the pinout on the ATX page of wiki.
    As you can see from the table on the left, the 4th pin on the right, which is PS_on, is the one which usually has the green wire. The pins which usually have black wires are the COM pins (short for common ground).

  23. gta4rocksofsocks says:

    @MJBDC7 im racist would you like me to tell you why they wont work? 😛

  24. Sh4dowRav3n says:

    @LAHrebirth “resistors STILL can contain enough power to kill a person EVEN when unplugged” lolwut? When did resistors start acting like capacitors? Resistors don’t hold residual charge… who the hell told you resistors can kill you, cus you should kill them… for being stupid. Just sayin

  25. vamparik says:

    no this is actually a fairly standard procedure, it isn’t stupid, and it isn’t dangerous if you know what you are doing, dont just jam metal objects into any pc component, however testing a psu in such a way the video demonstrates.

    however something that bothers me is that people put too much trust in “the guy who sold me the pc/parts” most of the time this guy is just a store clerk, he knows the name and price of pc parts, and sometimes a couple specs and requirements

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