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Make sure to check out www.aemind.com for more Mind Empowering Working Memory Training videos to help you Improve your Memory, Increase your Focus & Attention, and Accelerate the Rate at which you Learn! Hey What’s Going! I am making this video right now to Show those of you that want to truly improve their memory, focus, and accelerate the rate at which you learn, how to create Body Files. I showed you in a previous video how to create House Files. http If you don’t know what Files are, I’ll explain right now. Files are essentially places within your mind in which you can store information on their for easy recall and retrieval later on. These Body Memory Files are going to be used as a way to later link numbers to a specific picture. Remember that you need 5 things in order to memorize anything, Focus, File, Picture, Glue, Review In order to be able to memorize a 100 digit number you need to convert the numbers into pictures. I’ll show you how to do that in later videos. Remember that in the USA and World Memory Championship Competitions you need to be able to Memorize and Recall long strings of numbers so this is a good way to start your Memory Training for the competitions. For these Memory Body Files, We are going to chose 9 spots from your body and 1 from your environment. Here they are (Make sure to visualize these parts with their given number and name. It is very important for future purposes.. Visualization is KEY!): 0 = Sand 1 = Top (For Top of Head) 2 = Nose 3

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