Cross Laterals for Building Brain Connections

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An overview and instructions on two cross-lateral exercises for building “brain power.” This family of exercises is based on the research of Eric Jensen. The two cross-laterals featured in this video are low movement/impact (hands only!) and easy to do anywhere by humans (or other primates I suppose) of any age. This is a ben’s TEN production:
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4 Responses to “Cross Laterals for Building Brain Connections”

  1. benjasereni says:

    That’s the idea! You’d be surprised, though, at how a couple minutes a day lets you rapidly improve. You’ll be doing it behind your back with your eyes closed! : )

  2. ubermensch818 says:

    nice .. you can feel the mental activity trying to work the hand movements out … leading to a small frustrated feeling , obviously my mental barrier …

  3. PaintedDead says:

    my brain is in pain! is this like rubing your and patting your head?

  4. aleem895 says:

    does it really effect on mind?

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