Decibel 11 Hot Stone Deluxe Power Supply Features

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DB-11 Hot Stone™ Deluxe Isolated DC Power Supply Official website: A long time coming, the new Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe Isolated DC Power Supply is the hottest power supply to hit the market in a decade. Packing more power for your dollar, the Hot Stone Deluxe features 8 isolated outputs, a super efficient Toroidal transformer and two high current outputs to feed the most power-hungry guitar pedals. Compare with other power supplies including Voodoo Lab® Pedal Power 2+ or the Eventide® Power Factor — the DB-11 Hot Stone Deluxe flat out torches the competition. The change has come. DB-11 Hot Stone Deluxe Features: • 8 Isolated outputs — no hum or interaction between pedals. • 10 total available outlets — all can be used simultaneously. • Toroidal transformer with additional magnetic shielding — no stray magnetic fields. • Short circuit protection on all outlets — cable shorts won’t harm outputs. • 2 High Power, 400mA sections at 9 and 12V — power Eventide, Strymon, TC Nova, etc • 2 Mid Power, 200mA ouputs at 9 or 12V — power Line6 (4button), Boss Twin, or combine for 400mA* • 2 Variable voltage outputs to simulate used carbon batteries – get “brown” sound transistor fuzz • Ouputs can be combined for 18V or 24VDC** — power MXR Flanger or EHX Deluxe Memory Man • Heavy duty chassis with 2mm steel — built like a tank • Capable of delivering more than twice the power of Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ • All outputs capable of meeting full rated

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9 Responses to “Decibel 11 Hot Stone Deluxe Power Supply Features”

  1. DecibelEleven says:

    Yes you can run both 18V or 24V pedals by combining two of the outputs using a voltage doubling cable. Doubling cables can be purchased separately for around $6

  2. MusicTangent says:

    So it is possible to run an 18 volt item with this?

  3. 3dsman says:

    Ok, thanks!

  4. DecibelEleven says:

    A video showing the Pedaltrain installation has been posted on our Youtube channel. Thanks.

  5. DecibelEleven says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We opted to offer a voltage doubling cable for 18 volt pedals in order to offer greater flexibility however we will continue to evaluate specific needs for future products.

  6. DecibelEleven says:

    Robert- all of our products can be purchased directly from the store on our website at decibel11. Thank you

  7. Robert Such says:

    Nice. Where do they sell them & how much do they cost?

  8. 3dsman says:

    Does it have bolt holes that will mate up with a Pedaltrain pedalboard?

  9. MusicTangent says:

    If only it had one 18 volt supply leg. Then I would be all over this. Pretty much the same as all the others.

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