Declaration of Independence Memorized (Full Version)

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You are about to watch a November 15, 2008 filming of a ten-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister reciting, word-for-word, FROM MEMORY the Declaration of Independence. To our knowledge, nothing like this has been done in this current generation. If you are skeptical of the authenticity of the performance, check out the out-takes at the end of the clip featuring the children reciting it blindfolded, or contact us to come see these young patriots in person!
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13 Responses to “Declaration of Independence Memorized (Full Version)”

  1. powerfulchinese says:

    They are doing great! My son was born on April 9, 2006, just before his birthday, we took a video of him reciting “The Declaration of Independence”, He can also recites all the countries names of the world, all the 50 sates, I have a dream, etc… Click my username to see these videos.

  2. gingermelson says:

    I am 14 with aspergers high functioning autism AND Have many thing memorized like, 25 number of pie in 5 minutes, 7 phone numbers 8 minutes, the entire declaration of independence in 3 hours, ever dog breed in 9 days, age of 3 I memorized 700 year of history and currently remember 850 year of history which took 19 days and I remembered every 5 book and 8 movies word for word in 5 months . My teacher says it’s because I have a special mind though I can’t remember where I put things ever.

  3. sa40920 says:

    The entire Fifth Grade in my kids’ elementary school memorize the Declaration of Independence each year. What do you mean this has never been done?

    Some people, including children, memorize entire books, such as the Quran.
    Maybe you mean these kids memorized it after reading it once.
    Now that would be something.

  4. TheLasyel says:

    2 people either hit the dislike button on accident or just hate america………..

  5. ArielREVO says:

    They sound like demon babies.

  6. MrFatimals says:

    fuck this i hate us history

  7. themovieguy1110 says:

    We have to do this for school in school im in seventh grade

  8. dropduece says:

    This is amazing. How long did it take you guys to do this? I just made a $100 bet with my dad to see who could do it first!

  9. RestrainedNoMore says:

    fantastic. I home school my kiddos and we are working on memorizing the Declaration of Independence as well

  10. ACCParty4USA says:

    I am going to use this on my new political party’s channel. I will take it down if you do not approve. Or, you can join us….The American Constitutional Conservative Party, Thank You

  11. danielleeoliver says:

    Please post videos of them reciting the Declaration of Independence individually, rather than with back and forth, with pauses. Then they both can join the Declaration of Independence Society on Facebook (or you as a parent/guardian can join on their behalf). That group is going to be a public resource for all interested hosts. Every member’s profile will be accessible to the public for requests to perform. Most hosts look for local performers due to budgetary reasons.

  12. danielleeoliver says:


  13. 1948wrt says:

    We need MORE kids in this country with the persistence these two have!

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