Dilbert Animated Cartoons – Brain Power, Yoga Prodigy, and Amoeba

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Go to to see all the new cartoons! by Scott Adams. RingTales presents Dilbert Animated Cartoons. Brain Power Yoga Prodigy and Amoeba. Dogbert moves molehills with his mind. Dogbert says, Sometimes I think the brain holds great powers waiting to be discovered. Its almost as if I can make this ball levitate with pure mind power. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Dang. Nothing. In Yoga Prodigy, Wally says, Ive lost two pounds since I signed up for yoga class. And I never get sick anymore. Dilbert says, You havent had a class yet. Wally replies, Maybe Im some sort of yoga prodigy. In Amoeba, The Boss says, Dilbert, meet the new guy. Dilbert says, You hired a giant amoeba? The Boss replies, You cant go around judging people by their looks. Would you mind… Dilbert asks, Training him? The Boss replies, Keeping him moist?
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25 Responses to “Dilbert Animated Cartoons – Brain Power, Yoga Prodigy, and Amoeba”

  1. d3ly51d says:

    where’s the qq about repeats? guess all the complainers have unsubbed already

  2. YogaForWeightLossHQ says:

    cool vid will look for next one

  3. jantheempress says:


  4. MrDavianthule123 says:


  5. lewismurray1 says:

    @Dududff you forgot to favourite first, false prophet!

  6. iDoiStuff says:

    @DoomZappo I’m talking about YouTube Cosmetic Panda..

  7. iDoiStuff says:

    @DoomZappo I’m talking about YouTube Cosmic Panda.

  8. DoomZappo says:

    @iDoiStuff I took you 15 months to figure that out?

  9. Dududff says:


    *waves around his coffee dispensing arms*
    Shall donuts and coffee be dispensed upon you!

  10. wererat2000 says:

    @Dududff gasp! you have… TWO top comments! i kneel before thee, god of gods!

  11. Paxmax says:

    Amoeba? I thought the term was “management consultant”

  12. themaskedcrusader says:

    I wish they would make new ones… 🙁

  13. iDoiStuff says:

    the new YouTube is awesome, but a lot of people don’t have profile pictures so it looks ugly 🙁

  14. Dududff says:

    I’m mostly just joking over all :S

    I was close enough to joke, so I’m running with it.

  15. RadarKat73080 says:

    Hey new guy! Kirk killed your father!

  16. NicosMind says:

    @Dududff You do realise that more than one person can see 0 on the number count. Videos like this normally update the view count every 3 hours

  17. relacley says:

    You’re the second commenter.

  18. Frapazoid says:

    Pure mind power! I remember when they made that one in VRML (3D animation) on back in the 1990s.

  19. Dududff says:


    No actually. I was about to post, then rewatched video. I’m still viewer 0.

    que csi miami YEEAAAAHHH

  20. VariusMayhem says:

    And by real life laws you don’t have a life, and are now considered a geek.
    Kneel before the brutal truth!

  21. jpheitman says:

    Just one. We just want one new, original clip per vid. And you can post as many reposts as you want. Is that so much to ask?…

  22. hiothezebra says:

    @NicosMind PHWA! Do real religions just up and quit when their scriptures are proved false? No! they put their fingers in their ears and go; LALALALLALALALLALALALLALALLALALALLALAL.
    Then we burn some witches,and you’re looking mighty witchable Nicos, mighty witchable…..

  23. chrnoc says:

    @Dududff Nah, true gods are everlasting, so you would have to also be the last commenter, viewer and liker to be able to achieve god status.

  24. NicosMind says:

    @Dududff herringbe1628 has a comment 1 minute before yours. Are you going to retract your comment? 😛

  25. NicosMind says:

    Sigh. Well im unsubscribing

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