Distorted Memory – Disciple Of The Watch

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25 Responses to “Distorted Memory – Disciple Of The Watch”

  1. cryostation says:

    Kill the Nazarene disciples of the watch. Find yourselves a new god, someone you can trust…

  2. deepengrave says:

    @cryostation lol satan is just a pice of shit God is the true master so god bless you my friend.

  3. cryostation says:


  4. cryostation says:

    @deepengrave take yourb back friends cock and shove it up your ass you faggot, then shoot yourselves in the head…or if you want i can do it…in the name of satan

  5. cryostation says:

    @hernelle you should die a violent death…at my hands…come over here… ill show u

  6. SwickedBinary says:

    @Ikarody lol yes god does hate us all equally

  7. deepengrave says:

    @NipCatcherz im not interested in your sexual orientation man!!!

  8. NipCatcherz says:

    @deepengrave Gay

  9. SonOfTheDawn515 says:

    how does commenting about music end in fuck hitler and other flamewars?!

  10. deepengrave says:

    @VaspiusDreadonus no, i call one of my best friend a black one who’s nickname is 12 inch he will love to do it, and if you want some he can do it too.

  11. VaspiusDreadonus says:

    @deepengrave you would

  12. Ikarody says:

    @crazy666punk god hates us all equally

  13. stokamachoke says:

    hello welcome to a very inviting conversation

  14. deepengrave says:

    @xXbrokenvoidXx and fuck you too!!!

  15. xXbrokenvoidXx says:

    @deepengrave Fuck you! 😀

  16. cryostation says:

    @hernelle fuck you faggot

  17. hernelle says:

    @cryostation loud is the voice of the youtube moron.

  18. gloryXstar says:

    New fan for life 🙂 I’m proud to say that

  19. gloryXstar says:

    Love it

  20. 666DannyDecay says:

    Good Song

  21. CathrineCooper says:

    Why does the speaker of ths song sound like Wes Studi O.O

  22. Scrughat says:

    @zeldafreak219 EBM kid

  23. cryostation says:

    hail lucifer. destroy christians and muslims and all the scum of this earth. horned is the hunter

  24. inkblotangel says:

    lucifer is a liar…..the end is not near infact it is quit here

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