Do you have a GOOD Memory?? Do you WANT to HAVE AWESOME Memory?? Now you CAN!!

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25 Responses to “Do you have a GOOD Memory?? Do you WANT to HAVE AWESOME Memory?? Now you CAN!!”

  1. Morgan Milton says:

    I only remembered two D: goodness gracious what has happened to me…

  2. Blake Dunkle says:

    19, somehow I forgot heart haha

  3. Florian Melzer says:

    Alright these shortcuts are all nice and stuff but I want to be able to
    remember not only lists but the content of the books I read and retain
    them. Will what he talks about help me with that?

  4. MathSquare says:

    I remembered 11

  5. Stoppy Niga says:

    it was cococut tree though -.- …. i imagined a coconut tree with scissors
    on the top of it.

  6. TheFancyTaco s says:

    What’s in the bottom right corner you keep looking back at? 

  7. kevhon97 says:

    I remembered 6 but I didn’t pause it

  8. 2basick says:

    0im slowwww

  9. fatima begum says:

    I remembered 11 but in test I forget and what is u don’t know the word 

  10. Stoppy Niga says:

    remembered all but i have already read dominic o brians book xd

  11. christopher renfroe says:


  12. only1kolby says:

    13 in 2min the rest in 3

  13. christobal perez says:

    ;,( this is saddening I only remembered 6

  14. Lovelesh Colaco says:

    yeah try using it in learning science

  15. Sirlandoe says:

    I remembered 20 but i am still not good in school:(

  16. fadhil kab says:

    While saying each words we can see his eye pointing to somewhere. He
    himself don’t have a good memory lol. :p 

  17. Doha Oraby says:

    i remembered 15
    I know it’s bad tho

  18. Faisal Al Kuwari says:

    I have an exam tomorrow i hope this helps… Wish me luck!

  19. Stavroula Georgiou says:

    that’s what i did i made up a story and i remembered 17 word

  20. Xenon | The 2 Bar Trickshotter says:

    i remembered 14 😮 but my memory is only short termly good i think :/

  21. Maria Flores says:

    Thank you very much i passed my states and capitals test

  22. Sophia Su says:

    16 :)

  23. NEO RAWANGER says:

    Awesome I remembered all 20

  24. ANAS3643 says:

    Jazik allah kier my brother

  25. bkswat108 says:

    I can only remember 2 PLEASE HELP! i want to be a detective.

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