Do you want to improve your memory?

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Do you want to improve your memory?

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The human brain is an amazing organ inherent many and varied capabilities. It contains an incredible amount of information is received and stored in it. This information is collected at any given time and helps you cope with your world. But what happens when you begin to forget? Is the information gets lost? Is there something that makes it difficult to be retrieved? These questions and other scientists are trying to answer for many decades already. And yet – have to do to make to improve memory.

Why do we forget?Contrary to popular belief, memory problems common today in a variety of ages. Questions like: “Where did I put my keys?”, “Can I shut off the gas?”, “What’s the date today?” Devoid of many people. This phenomenon was so widespread in the past. One example is that if you embrace the past in our memory to call people, today all the numbers stored in the memory of the mobile phone, instead of your memory. Although you can call anyone you want at any given moment, but the brain atrophies and play. Various studies in recent years has been strongly argue that humans use only about 5% of their brain’s potential. The question is what can be done to improve our memory?

What are the processes of improving the memory?Memory improvement processes are processes that require stimulation of brain cells. You must set yourself a lot of challenges and goals every day. Ie – run not only the body but also the mind, emotions and spirit. This is because like any other body part, the brain needs exercise to stay fit and sharp. So if not put his face meetings and tasks frequently, your memory improvement process will grow stronger every day more and more. At the same time you can improve both your daily functioning and your confidence.

There are several areas that can help you in the process of improving the memory:

1. thinking games such as chess, bridge, Scrabble, etc.

2. solution Tshachtzim and puzzles

3. Reading books and newspapers

4. Learning new languages

5. learning to play

6. physical activity – even regular walking dance or improve memory brought about by 20%

7. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet – with emphasis on B-group vitamins and vitamin E

8. relaxation techniques

9. laughter and optimism

10. Sleep

11. and more

Memory improvement workshopsToday many companies offer workshops designed to enhance the memory-improvement processes. Not have to wait for when the brain stops functioning for such a workshop to register. The opposite is true. This workshop is not suitable for people with severe memory disorders, or diseases that affect memory function. This workshop is designed especially for healthy people who want to learn techniques that will improve their memories. Already from the 30th into your life is slowing down brain activity and therefore weakened memory. Keep your mind sharp!

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