DX Sound Capsule Gaia Memory VOL.3 – #2 EXTREME B –

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Kamen Rider W DX Sound Capsule Gaia Memory VOL.3 – #2 EXTREME B -: ———————————— Welcome to CS Toys International! Our people in California and Japan have teamed up to be able to bring Super Sentai Heroes and Kamen Rider items to our customers all around the world. We’re constantly adding new products to our store in order to bring you a better selection. _________________________________ 【STORE & NEW ITEM RELEASE】 _________________________________ 【CSTOYS LIVE!】 See your items packed LIVE! 1PM-6PM JST. We ship twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays from Japan. _________________________________ 【SEARCH ITEMS BEFORE AND AFTER PACKING】 Find your items before and after packing and share them with your friends! Just type in your INVOICE# (5 digit # appears in your invoice) in the search window and see your items on our packing table before and after the packing. Our postman comes and pick up your items after 2 to 4 hours after we finished packings.
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13 Responses to “DX Sound Capsule Gaia Memory VOL.3 – #2 EXTREME B –”

  1. IrishMcLovin1 says:

    @KamenRiderKaixa913 one is for the silver side(right side) and this 1 is for the gold side(left side)
    Sry, i know this comment is half a year old!

  2. KamenRiderKaixa913 says:

    wats the different btw a and b

  3. aadityaami says:

    DX Sound Capsule Gaia Memory VOL.3 – #2 EXTREME B LIKE IT IS GOOD

  4. imprezaawie says:

    @awsome655 owh…thx…i think i can get it from da token machine…

  5. awsome655 says:

    @imprezaawie From their webstore.

  6. gogov123 says:

    where can i get this in singapore

  7. kamenriderization says:

    Hello CS Toys !
    This kind of video is much better for your website !
    Indeed we going right to the point 😉
    But I hope that you will keep doing the review video too asz before.
    The music of this Memory is great ! So I ordered it on CS Toys 🙂
    If I’m right it is Richard Strauss’s Zarathustra (music used in 2001 Space Odissey) ?
    Well great memory !

  8. flashboy95 says:

    I think maybe you can use the sticker on the DX xtreme memory,which will make it look more prefect xD

  9. imprezaawie says:

    where can i get this?cool stuff…

  10. DetrasDeCamara says:

    it’s somehow a bit fast

  11. ShinjiTomi says:

    hello youtubee

  12. transformersriderw says:


  13. DiEndCrisisDecade says:

    cool 😀

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