EFZ "Final Memory" Moves Exhibition (Read Full Explanation!)

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I am going to work on a project in the future that will require splicing video clips together, now that I have just discovered how to use VirtualDub to splice together video clips. But to do this project, I needed to test this newfound capability. So as a “test”, I have recorded the “Final Memory” moves from the fanmade one-on-one fighting game “Eternal Fighter Zero” (you can only perform these moves if your life bar is flashing AND you have your Eternity Special meter at level 3), and then spliced them all together in the following order: Kanon characters in alphabetical order, Ikumi from the MOON game, the ONE characters in alphabetical order, and finally the AIR characters in alphabetical order. Note to EFZ veterans: I AM NOT AN EXPERT! So these clips are unprofessional-looking (especially Mizuka’s, since I do not know how to rack up hits quickly during her time-stop; Mishio’s, since her Final Memory is only the ability to do both fire AND lightning moves which I had to demontrate; and Doppel’s, which is only a faster recover of your Rush and Eternity Special meters which I had to demonstrate with multiple tornado and curry moves).

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25 Responses to “EFZ "Final Memory" Moves Exhibition (Read Full Explanation!)”

  1. thesecsy1 says:

    can you give me some help. graphics on this game seem really grainy and weird when i tried it, and i cant figure out how to fix it or find anything online.
    like weird color dots everywhere.

  2. cjetelomar2010 says:



  3. cjetelomar2010 says:

    shiori’s final memory move reminds me of DAIMOS…

    sayuri has adopted rugal bernstein’s moves including RUGALSPIN!!!

    akane has adopted milla rage’s hair attack and SHUN GOKU SATSU

  4. RandomAHOL says:


  5. CrimsonMoonM says:

    1:25 Oh god, it’s the RUGAL SPIN (seriously, it most definitely is)!
    2:38 Kyo? umm… why?

  6. SuiginChou says:


    It’s not good enough that Misuzu’s Hug is the ultimate finisher: they had to finish off the enemy player by making him cry his eyes out, too! T_T

  7. jimmykudo1 says:

    @Hinamo623 btw, Kotone from Queen of Hearts have Akuma’s move too

  8. TheKirbySays says:

    I need the voice patch, it’d be mighty fine if someone could post some links for me to ayu voice packs or any character in general, I have UNKNOWN’s voice patch and thats it so frustrating~ 🙁

  9. pkthunder3 says:

    Nothing can match the Jam of Death… Except for maybe Sanae’s Bread of Death (Clannad).

  10. Gizi64 says:

    2:40 KYO KUSANAGI!

  11. ZENGO366 says:

    kanna’s final is the best hands down

  12. ZENGO366 says:

    1:48 LOLI AKUMA

  13. Cao13 says:

    Could you please, teach us how to preform Kano’s Final Memory? I’ve never been able to preform it.

  14. ooogooman says:

    It’s also a homage to Athena Asamiya’s ‘Psychic 10’ HDM, from King of Fighters.

  15. hihosh1 says:

    I prefer Mai’s special in Dark Moon where she slices the person and spins her sword before putting it away.

  16. MartialArtsMaster says:


    Her name is Mio Kouzuki. Mio is from the KEY game “One: Kagayaku Kagetsu e” or “One” for short. Mio is completely mute; she communicates either by exaggerated facial expressions or by writing on a sketchpad. She is also a bit clumsy. Mio is a member of the drama club, and Eternal Fighter Zero pays homage to that by having her change costumes in her attacks. In the original “One” game, Mio was one of Kouhei’s potential “girlfriend routes.”

  17. kdfljgfldghldfgshdfl says:

    Who was that purple haired girl who changed clothes with every hit in her special?

  18. weirdude623 says:

    I can never do Kano’s Final Memory moves…

  19. keyinregulus3 says:

    Mizuka’s move was awesome. But my favorite was Kanna, because the howl sound is just awesome.

  20. maximusdarkultima says:

    and… 1: 33 is from tosho daimos…?? 1:41 C. commando…? 1:48 pretty sure it’s a gouki move… 1:53 a dhalsim/jin combination…?

  21. maximusdarkultima says:

    1:27 is from KOF ’98, huh…?

  22. MiKeAdIcToGaara says:

    OMG!! GREAT!

  23. LightningLord2 says:

    BTW: Misuzu’s Final Memory does 50% of the opponent’s maximum health as fixed damage, it never changes. The japanese text there reads: “Aozoth… now matter how strong you are, you will always feel the same pain…”

  24. kekaishi says:

    sayuri last arc looks like one of anji moves from guilty gear

  25. hihosh1 says:

    ooh! ooh! ooh! Mizuka(Unknown) did Akari ichijo’s centipede youkai attack from Last Blade!

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